Burglars Take Guns, Drugs From Cement Police Department

Wednesday, January 16th 2013, 7:09 pm
By: News 9

Brazen burglars steal from the Cement Police Department, located just south of the metro.    

Guns, drugs, and bag of pills are missing. All over town, posters are up warning about the break-in.

"In a small town if they know where you are they know where you are not too," said Cement Police Chief, Ron Minter.

On most days, Minter says he and his officers can beat the bad guys and the game they play. But in this case he came close to losing a lot.

"I mean, how many times do you hear a police station being broke into?" said Minter.

For Minter, it first happened as he made his rounds through town on Tuesday. Thieves took guns and drugs from the police department and even tried to make off with the evidence safe.

"If they had gotten away with it then it would have been a pretty big deal but all the trouble they went through they basically got nothing," Minter explains. 

Police found the unopened safe in the middle of the parking lot; a sure sign to everyone in town something happened.

"It was all over town before we even got the doors open," Minter said. "It's a small town and people here are closely knit and someone knows something."  

Most of the talk around town is of shock, if not disappointment.

"We were surprised they all said the same thing, I did, that it's gutsy," said Daven Bazhaw, who owns a consignment shop in town and is a Cement town board member. "We want people that do things like that to not do it anymore."

Although the burglars left behind a mystery for police, Minter promises it will not go unsolved

"Guarantee one thing, I'm not going to rest until I do catch ‘em, because if they will do this, they will do anything."

Minter is now offering $300 out of his own pocket as a reward for information in this case. Cement Police say they are also reviewing surveillance from inside the police department. If you have any information call (405) 829-0094