Teen Driver Left At DPS; Moore Driving Instructor Admits Mistake

Monday, January 21st 2013, 6:42 pm
By: News 9

A metro mother is angry after she says a local driving instructor left her daughter alone at a DPS office with unfinished paperwork, so she couldn't even get her driver's license.

She's upset because she says the driving instructor didn't complete the services he said he would, when she signed her daughter up for driving school months ago.

News 9 spoke with the instructor. He said his services are posted on his website, but he admitted he made a mistake on her paperwork.

Katie Voss turned 16 last week. She got to celebrate her birthday, but another milestone has yet to happen. She's still waiting to get her driver's license.

Her mom, Dana, paid $75 to Freeman Driving School in Moore for a driving test and to take Katie to submit her results to DPS.

"Before, it was $65 to give her the driver's test, take her in with the completed paperwork, no waiting in line, take her to get her license and return her to school," said Dana Voss. "Somewhere something didn't give, and he made some adjustments."

Instead, she got an unexpected call from Katie.

"She said, ‘well the line's really long and the lady said he didn't make an appointment, there's no appointment for Freeman's today, so we're not going to get in and we can't get our paperwork today. We're stranded here, there's nobody here with us,'" Voss said.

The paperwork was incomplete.

The instructor told News 9 he made a mistake.

"Yes, there was a date and time that I left off on one of her forms that I should have entered in there," Ron Freeman said.

Freeman added that all his services are on his website. But that didn't satisfy Dana about her daughter's safety.

"It's kind of scary to think, I mean I realize there are adults there, but there are a lot of other things that go on in this world, and I wouldn't have left my daughter there by herself at all for any reason," Voss said.

News 9 found another similar complaint with the Better Business Bureau about Freeman Driving School.

They received B-minus rating because that issue still hasn't been resolved.

The DPS office was closed for the holiday today, but Katie's mom set up an appointment tomorrow afternoon so she can get her license.