OK Lawmaker Pushing For Changes To Black Friday Law

Thursday, January 24th 2013, 7:39 pm
By: News 9

Making Black Friday sales legal in Oklahoma, that's one lawmaker's goal as we head into the 2013 legislative session.

Right now Oklahoma retailers can't offer the same deals as other states because of an old law on the book but that could soon change.

News 9 first told you about the discrepancies in advertisements like these during the holiday shopping craze, where Oklahomans weren't getting the deals our bordering states were.

The current law requires retailers to sell goods at 6-percent above cost, which means there's no way they can offer the door buster savings used in national ads.

On Thursday morning, State Sen. David Holt announced a new bill that would do away with the decades-old law and allow stores to price goods as they see fit. And not just during Black Friday or Super Bowl Sunday sales.

"It's every day of the year and it's not just sales. There are stores that charge below costs or would like to charge below cost for certain items every day of the week you know, to bring people in the door. All of that is currently illegal," said Holt.

The good news for shoppers, if the bill passes the new law would take effect just before the holidays so you may end up finding much better deals this year compared to years past. And those who used to drive across state lines to get the deal will save on those travel costs.