News 9 Staff Super Bowl Pick'Em

Thursday, January 31st 2013, 4:19 pm
By: News 9

After a long, hard season, the biggest event in American sports has finally arrived.  It's Super Bowl weekend and the Ravens and 49ers are ready to decide NFL superiority. 

Since the big game will be shown right here on News 9 on Sunday evening, we thought it would be fun to share our picks for who's going to win.  Do any of these match your pick?


Kelly Ogle: Ravens 31-21

Amanda Taylor: "I only watch it for the commercials."

Robin Marsh: Ravens 35-21

Lauren Nelson:  49ers 24-14

Karl Torp:  49ers 27-17

Bobbie Miller: Ravens 24-7 (Editors Note: Bobbie picked the Ravens because one of her nicknames is Raven, after her dark hair.)


Dean Blevins:  Ravens 24-21

Chuck Fisher: 49ers  31-21

Steve McGehee: 49ers 27-20


Gary England: 49ers 22-7

David Payne:  49ers 35-28

Nick Bender: 49ers 31-24

Lacey Swope: 49ers 29-10


Jim Gardner: Ravens  27-24

Alex Cameron: Ravens 27-24

Dana Hertneky:  49ers 24-17

Adrianna Iwasinski: Ravens 42-35

Chris McKinnon:   49ers 27-17

Lisa Monahan: 49ers 17-16

Michael Konopasek: 49ers 21-14

Rusty Surette: 49ers 32-14

Steve Shaw: 49ers 31-28

  Abby Broyles:   "I don't even know who is playing."

Deanne Stein:   Ravens 38-28

Evan Anderson:  49ers 21-14

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