Residents In NW OKC Neighborhood Fed Up With 'House Of Crime'

Friday, February 1st 2013, 11:21 pm
By: News 9

People in one northwest Oklahoma City neighborhood say they're fed up with a home they call a hot spot for drug traffickers.

Agents with the Office of Homeland Security recently recovered several items from that home. Those items may belong to some Oklahoma police departments.

During the latest raid at the home, neighbors say they saw agents take out several .22-caliber rifles, and a number of other firearms. Neighbors in the normally quiet neighborhood call the activity coming out of the home constant chaos.

"You see people backing in, and truck loads, and then try to unload. It's constant," a neighbor said.

"I mean, I would be here, just sitting on my couch and there would be like 13 cop cars on my street," neighbor Jeff Brite said.  

According to the search warrant affidavit, 27-year-old William Joseph Coots was performing overnight work inside the Oklahoma Association of Chiefs of Police Headquarters. In December of 2011, Coots allegedly stole police issued fire arms, bulletproof vests, police radios, laptop computers, ammunition magazines, and even a surveillance system from the OACP office.

More than a year later, it was revealed to police by the man who the items were apparently sold to, that the items were being stored in the garage of his home. According to the homeowner, when he received the stolen items, he sold all of the firearms, and stored everything else in the garage. That prompted a search warrant. 

Neighbors say they see traffic come in and out of the home though all hours of the night, and the home has been raided several times in the last three years.   

"My son was playing video games one day, and came in and ran to tell me there were police officers with AK-47's one day," Brite said.

"Like a whole bunch of police with guns and stuff, I was freaking out," Brite's 9-year-old son said.

"And you want to get rid of all that so you can have a safe place for your family, and you don't feel safe with it," a neighbor said.  

Coots is charged with burglary in the second degree, and currently out on bond.