Oklahoma's Distillery To Put Vodka On Store Shelves

Sunday, February 3rd 2013, 10:02 pm
By: Karl Torp

We've seen a boom in breweries and wineries in Oklahoma. Are distilleries next?

Twister Distillery in Moore is now the only producing distillery in the state. Twister released its vodka on Thursday.

"There are so many Breweries, we wanted to do something different," says Garrett Janko with Twister Distillery.

Janko works with friends and family inside a Moore building that has been taken out twice by tornadoes. The handful of people who work at Twister have another job.

"Everything by hand," Janko says about his company's line of Vodka.

The company made some of their own distillery equipment to save on money. One of their biggest pieces of equipment was purchased at a farm auction in Arkansas.

"I got a deal," says Janko, who originally was going to use the equipment to produce ethanol.

Now the company is seeing a dream come true with its vodka being delivered to liquor stores all over the metro.

Another company is scheduled to open another distillery in Guthrie in March.