Facebook Firestorm Over 'I Hate Small Dogs' Fan Page

Wednesday, February 6th 2013, 7:31 pm
By: News 9

The person behind a Facebook fan page could be facing some big trouble.

The page is called "I Hate Small Dogs," and the unknown user is now making threats against a city agency.

Police are investigating threats made on the person's Facebook fan page against the Oklahoma City animal shelter. It's even gotten a lot of attention from outraged animal advocates, including Sheriff John Whetsel.

Someone created the Facebook page a couple of years ago without much activity until Sunday and this bizarre post:

"There is a dog shelter in Oklahoma City and I'm going to be there with a few extra baseball bats...let me know if you have any AK 47s."

Linda Allman saw it on her news feed and reported the threat to Oklahoma County Sheriff  John Whetsel. Several others reported it directly to police.

"There's a lot of loose cannons out there that would take that as gospel, grab their baseball bat and head down to the shelter," said Linda Allman. "It's just a fact of life nowadays. People are so easily persuaded."

Now, angry Facebook users are firing back.

One user responded, "You are evil. Don't even think you can get away with your threats or actions."

Most people are hoping the page is taken down, and many want to know who's behind it.

"I'd like to see that person who posted that be prosecuted," Allman said. "That's a terroristic threat as far as I'm concerned."

News 9 spoke with the Oklahoma City animal shelter on Wednesday about the safety of its employees. The supervisors said they have security cameras and they've notified everyone there about the threats.

Police say the user could face charges for threatening a city agency, but they're still investigating.