Gas Prices Soar Across Oklahoma Ahead of Annual Trend

Monday, February 18th 2013, 7:48 pm
By: News 9

Gas prices shoot up 57 cents in just a month's time. Right now, the average price in the metro is about $3.58 a gallon. If you fill up this week, you'll be paying 17 cents more than last week.

The rise in gas prices is happening much earlier this year, ahead of the hike we usually see in the spring. Experts say this could mean even higher prices in March and April, and don't be surprised to pay 4 bucks a gallon.

With gas prices on the rise, there's no extra drive time for Iayisha Higginbotham and her 16-year-old son.

"We have to go to work, go to school, and go home," said Higginbotham. "We don't do any extra driving. We just chill."

Kenneth Clark is feeling the pain at the pump, too. He and his wife travel for work, and they just got back from Tulsa.

"It went up quite a bit while we were gone, so we've used $200 worth of gas just on this trip," said Clark. "[That's] $200 off the bottom line no matter how you look at it."

According to AAA, gas prices across the country have risen 32 days in a row.

Experts say the price of oil continues to rise, pushing gas prices up too.

"I have to ride my bike to and from classes and then to go to the grocery store you have to buy a lot of cheap groceries like Ramen noodles to compensate when you do have to buy gas," college student Kaysie Ennis said.

"It's ridiculous," said Higginbotham. "[The prices] need to go down."

The good news is, we're still paying less in Oklahoma than in other parts of the country.

According to AAA, the national average for a gallon of gas is now up to $3.73.