Oklahoma Pawn Shop Offers Cash For Ammo

Thursday, February 21st 2013, 7:08 pm
By: News 9

Threats of increased gun control sparked a nationwide buying spree on guns and ammo to the point where the supply is so low some are calling ammunition a hot commodity.

At Oklahoma Coin & Gold, Chelsey Davis deals in diamonds, silver, gold and now there is a new offer on the table. Bullets are now big business for Davis, who is hoping to cash in on the ammo shortage.

"It's kind of exploding at this point, but I probably should [not] use that word," joked Davis.

All kidding aside, Davis says since advertising "Cash for Bullets", he's been overwhelmed with clients.

"I saw in the first three days about 10,000 rounds come through the door. Everybody has some or knows someone with some," said Davis.

Robert Higgins made a quick hundred dollars selling his leftover bullets and gladly weighed in on the issue.

"I happened to have 137 rounds of ammo that didn't fit anything I own anymore, so I thought it was a good opportunity for both of us," said Higgins.

Davis is literally stockpiling the ammunition to sell off in the future. And the he shop is collecting all types. Davis says he gives a fair price often more than market value. So far, he's traded for shotgun shells, .22, and even some ammo for military assault rifles, all without any criticism.

"I've heard nothing bad about it. Everybody has been happy. Everybody has been looking for an outlet," said Davis.   

Davis says the price he will pay depends on the condition of the ammunition and caliber. Davis also says there is no limit to the number he will purchase.

Oklahoma Coin & Gold is located at 4001 N. Pennsylvania Ave.