Oklahoma Winter Storm Leaves Behind Car Damage

Friday, February 22nd 2013, 6:27 pm
By: News 9

The snow and ice have moved out of our state, if only for a few days. But it's probably left a mess on your car.

Experts say it's important to maintain your car now. It'll keep you safe and save you some money.

The roads are clear, but the effects of the winter storm are still causing some headaches for drivers.

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Chipped windshields from the ice and salt are creating big business for those who repair them, and it's something they say you should take care of now.

Drivers across Oklahoma saw a lot of this over the past two days. Snow and ice blanketing our state.

Here in Oklahoma City, street crews worked around-the-clock to salt the roads ahead of the storm. Keeping drivers safe, but also leaving behind a mess on cars.

Shannon Penn is the owner of Penn Auto Glass.

"That sand really works a number on your windshield. It'll definitely pit it, cause some scratching, things like that. [It will] tear your wipers up," Penn said.

He's been busy all day repairing chips on windshields throughout metro, as a result of this week's winter weather.

While the road salt it is good for safety, he says it can definitely damage your car.

"Salt, it kicks up, it's not good for your paint, and it definitely will scratch your windshield, pit your windshield. It's good to get that stuff washed off your car as soon as possible," Penn said.

Penn is doing a lot of these kinds of repairs right now, and says other drivers should keep their cars maintained, ahead of another possible round of winter weather.

"When your windshield gets dirty, clean it. Get that road grime off there, don't run your wipers over it, and hopefully that'll take care of it and keep you from buying a new windshield," Penn said.

A simple rock chip replacement will cost you about 40 bucks.. a much smaller expense than if it spreads.

A new windshield averages about $200, up to $1,500.

Check with your insurance company, many of them will cover windshield damage from the storm.