Cleveland Co. Sheriff Says He Won't Enforce Government Instituted Gun Ban

Wednesday, February 27th 2013, 6:22 pm
By: Dana Hertneky

A metro sheriff says if the federal government institutes a gun ban, he will not enforce it. 

Cleveland County Sheriff Joe Lester made the proclamation through a letter to constituents. The sheriff is one now of more than 200 sheriffs across the country who say proposed federal gun laws are unconstitutional and therefore they will not enforce them.

Lester posted the letter on the sheriff's website. In it, Lester says when he took office, he was sworn to support the Constitution and that includes the second amendment.

"I will keep that Oath." the sheriff writes. "I believe any issuance of a law or directive by the Federal Government contrary to this amendment to the U.S. constitution would be unlawful."

Read the full letter here.

"Joe has never been a person to hide any feeling about it," said James Timmons, who owns American Armory and Tactical in Norman.

It's an issue that gun right's advocates have been keeping a close eye on. Ken, who works for Timmons but did not want to give News 9 his last name, says he read the sheriff's letter online.

"He will support the Oklahoma people if they come to take our firearms, if that was to happen," Ken said.

The sheriff made proclamation even though he represents Norman, one of the most liberal cities in Oklahoma. And support of the sheriff seems to go right down the battle lines of gun control.

"I wouldn't support that because if there is a federal ban I think it should be instituted all across local areas as well," said Scott Williams who lives in Norman.

"I support Joe, what he's doing and what he's saying and give him a lot of respect for coming out and making it clear what his stance is," argued Timmons.

The Oklahoma Sheriff's Association says their members also strongly support a citizen's right to the second amendment and recognizes the ultimate authority of the United States Supreme Court.