OKC Property Company Rents Home With No Walls, Floors

Thursday, February 28th 2013, 9:18 pm
By: News 9

An Oklahoma City woman says the home she lives in is falling in around her. In fact, part of the house is without actual floors and walls.

That woman is now turning to News 9 after she says a two-month ordeal with Property Management Services, Inc. has accomplished nothing. The tenant says she was tricked into renting the property in its current condition, and now she says she's being scammed.

"Excuse my French, but [my landlords are] not worth the sh*t," tenant Yvetta Howard said. "Every time I call, they just keep giving me the run around."

Since Jan. 1, 2013, Howard has been staying at the southeast side house. It's drafty, leaky and the plumbing is causing her problems.

"When you flush the toilet [feces] comes up in the bathtub," Howard said.

There's also a room without an actual floor and drywall. Howard says Property Management Services of Oklahoma City would not allow her to see the room without walls and a floor prior to signing the lease. She says she was under the impression that the house was actually complete.

News 9 went to the landlord looking for answers. A manager with Property Management Services would not go on camera, but behind a closed door, she told News 9 Howard knew what she was getting into.

"We do actually give [tenants] full access for as long as they want to the property before they sign the leases," the manager told News 9.

But, is it actually responsible for the company to rent out an unfinished house? The manager admits Howard was put off while money was spent to rehab vacant, burnt property in the area.

"The floors and the wall ... that's actually [Howard's] responsibility," the manager said.

Howard says she just wants Property Management Services to give her materials so she can fix the problems. If not, she says she wants her landlord to give her money back so she can find another place to live.

Howard says when it's cold, she is forced to turn on her oven and crank the thermostat to 80 degrees while wearing a winter coat. Property Management Services would not say when repair work on the house would start.

If you have questions on tenants' rights, call the Metropolitan Fair Housing Council at (405) 232-FAIR.