Group Raising Money To Provide Cheaper Rides To Metro Seniors

Tuesday, March 5th 2013, 5:42 pm
By: Karl Torp

For seniors, losing the ability to drive can be heartbreaking. But a plan to give the elderly back some of the freedom is set to get the green light here in the metro.

The Independent Transportation Network provides rides to seniors for about half the cost of a normal cab fare. Volunteers using their own cars do the driving.

"Social interaction is strongly encouraged," said Dr. Mark Mellow, The President of the Board of Directors for ITN Central Oklahoma.

Dr. Mellow says passengers will sit in the front seat.

ITN Central Oklahoma is trying to raise money for start-up costs, including hiring a dispatcher.

The hope is the program will be up and running by this summer. Twenty-seven communities including Louisville and Los Angles have ITN.

"If they don't have family, they are stuck," said 83-year-old Mabel Minor, who stopped driving two years ago.

If you would like to donate to ITN Central Oklahoma contact The Oklahoma County Medical Society at (405)-702-0500.

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