OKC Airport Warns Against Knives Following TSA Announcement

Friday, March 8th 2013, 9:24 pm
By: News 9

Shortly after the TSA announced it will soon allow passengers to carry small knives on airplanes, many passengers at Will Rogers World Airport tried brining the weapons on board, according to the airport.

TSA employees in Oklahoma City have seen an influx of prohibited weapons since the announcement earlier this week. Airport officials want the public to know, you won't be allowed to fly with even the smallest of knives until late April.

The airport wants passengers to leave knives at home, especially with the busy spring break season right around the corner.

"Immediately, we saw people trying to bring their pocket knives through the checkpoints, so we really want to remind people this isn't in effect right now," airport spokesperson Karen Carney said.

So far, flight attendants and air marshals have opposed relaxing the knife rules. Travelers in Oklahoma City have mixed reviews.

"If someone is bringing a big bat or … larger knife, I would see how that could be an issue," traveler Stephen Littlefield said. "A small pocket knife … it doesn't concern me one bit."

Frequent flyer Kristina Jackson disagrees.

"Just to see someone pass security with a lighter gets me nervous. So a pocket knife makes it way worse," Jackson said.

Officials with the city-operated airport are not taking a stand on the issue, only to say they trust TSA expertise.

"We have to believe that … when TSA makes these kinds of decisions … they've done a lot of evaluation and determined that flying will still be safe," Carney said.

Not all pocket knives will be given the all clear. Blades longer than 6 centimeters or wider than 1/2 inch will not pass. Approved knives will be allowed on planes starting April 25th.

Read the current list of prohibited items from the TSA.