Suspect Tries To Swim Away From OKC Police

Monday, March 11th 2013, 1:43 pm
By: News 9

Oklahoma City Police arrested a felon with a firearm after the suspect pushed his bicycle at a police officer and jumped into a creek in an attempt to escape.

An officer was patrolling in southwest Oklahoma City around 8:45 p.m. Saturday when he saw the suspect riding his bike near Santa Fe and S. Grand. The suspect, identified as 29-year-old Jimmy Slaton, was wearing dark clothing and his bike did not have a headlight or reflectors.

The officer stopped Slaton and asked for identification. The officer said as Slaton dismounted from his bike, he pushed it at the officer and took off running toward a nearby creek.

The officer chased Slaton, ordering him to stop, but the suspect continued running. According to the police report, Slaton yelled to the officer that he had a gun. The officer drew his own weapon and ordered Slaton to show his hands.

Slaton reportedly kept running, and pulled a silver, shiny object from his pocket and threw it into the grass. The officer said Slaton then jumped off a steep embankment and into a creek.

The officer called for backup, and located the object Slaton threw. It was a .32 caliber handgun. The firearm was not loaded.

Police on the other side of the creek found a soaking-wet Slaton hiding in the backyard of a home, and arrested him.

Slaton wasn't wanted on any outstanding warrants, but he did have a long criminal history with multiple felony convictions.

Slaton was booked into the Oklahoma County jail on complaints of possession of a firearm and obstructing.