McLoud Teacher Who Admitted Taking Explicit Pictures Of Students Asks For Probation

Monday, March 11th 2013, 10:16 pm
By: News 9

The McLoud elementary teacher who admitted taking sexually inappropriate pictures of her students and sending them to a friend, asked a judge to consider probation ahead of her sentencing.

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In a letter to the court ahead of her sentencing, Kimberly Crain detailed the timeline of events leading up to her arrest. She pleaded guilty to several counts of manufacturing and distributing child pornography as well as ten counts of lewd molestation.

Read the complete letter from Crain here

The pre-sentence investigation filed with the court included a hand-written letter. In that letter, Crain tried to explain why she took sexually explicit photographs of girls in her third grade class. In it, she blamed everything from weight gain to hypnosis to hormonal imbalance due to menopause for her lack of judgment during the time she photographed and video recorded her students at school and in her own home.

She said it started when her relationship with Gary Doby, a professor working in Pennsylvania, turned sexual. "Gary has confided in me about some fantasies he had. He spoke low and sincere, sharing intimate experiences involving me that went on in his mind of these past years," she wrote.

From there things escalated between her and Doby, despite the distance between them. Crain wrote "I began sharing inappropriate [nude] pictures of myself."

The letter shows that Crain and Doby exchanged sexually explicit pictures and videos they had gotten from the internet. Crain wrote that Doby eventually sent her "pictures of a nude young girl, around 7-9 years of age, riding a horse, from a nudist colony website."

"To appease him I returned one to him of the same type. His response was, ‘Now you've got the idea,'" Crain wrote.

She wrote that Doby began persistently suggesting she have her female students over for a sleepover in January of 2011. She explained that despite trying to come up with excuses, she eventually had several of the girls over at her house to help her get ready ahead of the 2011-2012 school year. According to Crain, while they were preparing the classroom, the girls used Skype to talk with Gary Doby. She wrote that the conversation lasted about ten minutes.

"Once we arrived at my house the girls washed some shoe polish off my truck windows. So I could dry their clothes, they changed into a tank top and underwear," wrote Crain. "They did this one @ a time in a spare bedroom where I placed a video camera in a box full of old non-working camera equipment and set it on a table next to the bed. The video camera was turned on an left to run while each girl went into the room to change."

Crain also admitted in the letter that she took some candid snapshots of the girls while they ate and played. She wrote that the camera was still running while the girls changed back into their clothes before going home.

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"At no time was I in the room while they were changing nor did I ever pose them in any certain way," Crain wrote.

Crain went on to explain that she took freeze-frames of the video and shared them with Doby. She said after she took the girls home she felt "mentally withdrawn and quite disturbed by my actions."

In the letter, Crain also admitted to video recording girls changing inside her classroom, "I hung big black trash bags from the ceiling to make a dressing area. The video camera was placed on a shelf inside the dressing area where the girls changed into a T-shirt that said DRUG FREE on it."

She said the incident at school made her anxious and she destroyed the camera and memory cards. She wrote that she did this knowing she could not afford to replace the camera so she would not find herself in the same situation again.

Another incident occurred at her home, however. She invited several girls over to help decorate a Christmas tree. She told Doby that she did not have the video camera. In the letter she wrote she told Doby, "I would do what I could on my phone." During this incident at her house, Crain wrote that she, "only took a few candid snapshots and videos while the girls played and ate pizza. Nothing was taken while they changed clothes."

It was that incident however, that first raised questions about Crain. In the letter Crain wrote, "One mile from my house I received a phone call from the father of [victim] asking questions about what the girls did."

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Additional information filed with the pre-sentence investigation show that the Christmas Tree decorating incident alarmed parents. Documents show that during a police interview, one of the girls told detectives that there were "bras and panties lying on the bed in the bedroom" for them to change into. The girls also stated that Crain took photos of the girls in their bras and panties while they decorated the Christmas Tree. The court documents show that the girls "made up a cheer dance and did it in the living room while Crain videotaped it."

Kimberly Crain was then contacted by authorities who ultimately arrested and charged her. She pleaded guilty to the charges in January.

Crain's sentencing has been scheduled for March 22.