Fairview Residents Fear Scam, Turns Out To Be Legit

Friday, March 15th 2013, 7:27 pm
By: News 9

A scam reported by the Edmond and Fairview Police Departments turned out to be a legitimate fundraiser.

Residents in Fairview first alerted their police chief about the possible scam during a community meeting on Thursday morning.

The confusion came when residents saw an Edmond address as the place to send donations even though they were in Fairview. Edmond Police released a warning on their Facebook page on Thursday afternoon.

News 9 looked into the possible scam. It ended up being a legitimate fundraiser by the Oklahoma Sheriffs' Association, which is based out of Edmond.

"I think the best way to determine whether or not it's legitimate is just like these people have been doing today. We've had several phone calls to the association. We're listed in the book, on the mailer that we send out, our address is listed, our name's listed. It shows that we're a 501 c-3 registered in the state of Oklahoma," said Ken McNair with the Oklahoma Sheriff's Association.

"Currently we are doing a mass-mailer to a prospecting list. Okay, and those folks don't know us. What we rely on, if we have a sheriff's permission, we will use the local county sheriff's name that we're going to send mail into that county."

Police said even though this situation turned out to be legitimate, the concerned citizens did the right thing by reporting it to local law enforcement. Police can check out the reported scam and check to see if it is legitimate.