Victim Of Suspected Career Criminals Speaks Out

Friday, March 15th 2013, 9:39 pm
By: News 9

Police are calling them career criminals -- a husband and wife team stealing from people throughout the metro. Now, one of their victims is speaking only to News 9 about her experience.

Police had been tracking the couple from Norman, Moore, Oklahoma City, The Village and Nichols Hills. The suspects have been in and out of jail for months. Each time they're released, police say they re-offend.

Travis and Kristie Parsons have only been in the Oklahoma County Jail since March 7, and still, charges continued to mount against them as of late Friday. At least five metro police departments hunted the duo until Oklahoma City police arrested the pair at a southeast side convenience store.

"Had it been stopped with my situation and my case, then maybe it could have prevented all the others," victim Laci Parsons said.

Laci says, even though police can't prove it, she knows who broke into her Norman home. She says it was her ex-husband, Travis Parsons.

"I made the mistake of saying I'm out of town with my daughter, not thinking he would do something like that," said Laci. "He knew I was out of town."

When Laci returned, she says her jewelry was gone, and it did not end there. She says Travis also stole from his own daughter. The daughter's TV, clothes and Playstation games had vanished.

"[My daughter] wanted to believe it was Kristie, all Kristie, and [she wanted to believe] dad would never do anything such as [that], but she knows now," Laci said.

Police say the couple's latest crime spree was centered in south Oklahoma City and Moore. That spree led to a police report listing stolen property a dozen pages long. Officers also suspect Travis and Kristie of stealing a car in Nichols Hills and using it to burglarize a home in Norman in late February of 2013.

During the pair's latest arrest, police say Kristie attempted to escape twice. First, police say, she tried escaping through the ceiling of a south side business. The second time, she managed to squeeze out of handcuffs and jump out of a police car, according to police records.

Travis Parsons is in the Oklahoma County Jail on a $12,000 bond. His wife, Kristie, is being held on $13,000 bond.