My 2 Cents: March Madness

Tuesday, March 19th 2013, 11:15 pm
By: News 9

Since News 9 is your home for March Madness, My 2 Cents has a hoops flair tonight. But not the usual fare.

The Boston Celtics Jason Terry was declared DEAD on Wikipedia today, only funny because he's very much alive and humorous because of the fashion of his reported death.

Being viciously dunked on by Lebron James last night, that was pretty ugly.

Our 10 pm producer, a Mizzou Grad, made sure I noticed that when ranking the 64 schools in the NCAA basketball tournament by coolest alum, some obscure wing of Sports Illustrated picked Missouri where Shawnee's Brad Pitt attended.

To explain that they also picked OSU's coolest alum to be the frequently unhinged Gary Busey at 15th coolest.. and OU's was 45th coolest..they selected actress Olivia Munn... no Boz?

And Bleacher Report suggests an interesting way to pick your Final Four Brackets.. pick by which mascot would win in a fight.

OSU plays Oregon... let's see Pistol Pete against a Duck... moving on.

OU plays San Diego State... Boomer and Sooner fighting an Aztec..

That one's not so easy... but I think the Sooners are going to surprise some people so I'll take Boomer.

Enjoy March Madness....