Oklahoma Sheriff Holds Twitter-Thon About Lime Lady Cold Case

Friday, March 22nd 2013, 11:26 pm
By: News 9

This is one of those unsolved murders that really eats away at the detectives involved. All investigators have to go on is a composite sketch, and a distinctive tattoo of a heart found on her body. But they know someone out there knows who she is, and they hope Twitter will help find them.

She is known as the Lime Lady, and her naked body was found on the east bank of the Canadian River, near Jones, on April 18, 1980. She had been shot three times.

“We know someone was running or walking towards her while they were shooting,” said Mark Meyers with the Oklahoma County Sheriff’s Office. “We just have absolutely no idea who she is.”

But detectives do not think she was killed along the river. Instead, they think the killer shot her somewhere else, and then dumped her body.

The sheriff's office says the killer used lime in an attempt to try to decompose the body quickly. But it turns out, the killer bought the wrong kind, and it actually helped preserve the body as well as crucial evidence. We went over to Roosters Cafe in Jones, to see if anyone here remembered the case.

“It was in the news and it was gossiped around town a little bit,” said Charles King, who was born and raised in Jones.

“Nothing that's just it,” recalls Rooster Bill, who owns the Rooster Café in Jones. “I remember them announcing it, and that was it. It just died after that. I don't even remember seeing a sketch of any kind.”

Bill is glad authorities are putting the picture of the woman and her tattoo back out there.

“Somebody knows that tattoo. Someone remembers that tattoo. Somebody knows who she is,” he said.

Back then the story was shot on film, and gathered the old fashioned way. But now with the advent of social media, detectives hope the case of the lime lady will spread, both nationally and globally.

On Friday, the sheriff's office shared the story with 200 other law enforcement agencies during a global Twitter-thon. 

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“Someone out therein the world knows this lady, and can give us a name, or a tip, a lead we can follow up on - and bring this case to a resolve.” Said Meyers.

Maybe then she will finally be identified, so any doubts of who she was and why she disappeared can be put to rest. And then maybe her killer will be found.

“We're just keeping our fingers crossed,” Meyers said.

Records show the  Lime Lady also had extensive dental work done. Detectives believe she was dressed at the time of the shooting. That’s because a dime, hit by one of the bullets, was driven into the her body. She did not appear to have been raped.

If you have any information call the Oklahoma County Sheriff's Office at (405)-713-1017.