Families Of Teens Injured While 'Car Surfing' Speak Out

Sunday, March 24th 2013, 10:44 pm
By: News 9

The two teenage boys, who were severely injured while "car surfing" in Edmond on Friday night are still in critical condition. So it's been a long two days for both of the families. The mother of 16-year-old Laquon Burris says it's been a nightmare.

"This is the last place you want to see your 16-year-old child at," says Maye Frances Davis, Burris' mother. "It was a blow that I wouldn't want any mother to go through."

Davis says it's been the worst 48 hours as she and her family wait around the clock at OU Medical Center where Burris suffers serious brain trauma and broken bones.

"It's not good, not good at all. Quon is in a very, very critical state right now," Davis says.

Quon was "car surfing," or riding on the outside of a moving vehicle, with his friends Friday night in Edmond on Running Branch Rd. Police say a 15-year-old boy was driving a white SUV when Quon and 15-year-old Luke Smith were thrown off.

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Like many parents, Davis says she has never even heard of car surfing and says her son's choice has shook up their entire family.

"Quon is way out and funny and silly and stuff," Davis says. "But this, no no, I would've never imagined my son would be on the top of a car going 40-50 miles an hour."

Quon's cousin, Nicole Adams, says the family is only getting by on prayer as they await the doctor's report.

"Not sure of what to expect, you know," Adams said. "It's just day by day. Everything is just day by day."

Luke Smith also has brain trauma and had part of his skull removed, his femur broken, ligament damage, abrasions and stitches in his chin.

"This is absolutely a life and death situation. His eye was swollen as the size as a golf ball and turned purple and black," says Phillip Smith, Smith's father. "In all the conversations that I've had with my children, I never thought that one of them should've been, don't ever stand or ride on the backside of a speeding vehicle."

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Davis and the Smith's warn parents to tell their kids about the dangers of car surfing.

"A car is not something you play with. It's not good because accidents do happen," Davis said. "Because it was my son and some friends just having fun on spring break, and it turned critical."

Quon's family says they're going to bring a book to his school, Edmond North High School, on Monday so that his friends can sign and write him messages. The family would also love to meet the man, who performed CPR on Quon in the Edmond neighborhood before emergency crews arrived.