Edmond Teen Severely Injured In 'Car Surfing' Making Recovery

Monday, March 25th 2013, 8:27 pm
By: News 9

One of the two teenage boys severely injured while "car surfing" in Edmond is making a recovery and is able to breathe on his own.

A group of Edmond teens was car surfing, or riding on top of a moving vehicle, just before 7 p.m. on Friday.

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What started out as a night of car surfing on Spring Break, took a sharp, critical turn when two teens flipped off the SUV.

"It sounded like someone backed into a mailbox," said Cory Watkins, who lives on Running Branch Road, where the teens were hurt.

Watkins was one of the first people at the scene and has video on his Dash Cam as emergency rushed to help the injured boys.

"When I was driving there I saw like three or four teens running across the street," said Watkins. "All the doors were open on the Chevy trailblazer, and I heard one of them say, we need to get out of here now."

Fourteen-year-old Luke Smith and 16-year-old Laquon Burris were taken to the hospital with severe brain trauma.

Watkins says he helped stabilize Luke while another neighbor performed CPR on Quon until an ambulance arrives.

"From where the skid marks were until where Luke was, it was at least 100 feet, and from where Luke was to where Quon was, it was at least another 100 feet," said Watkins. "They were traveling very quick, going at a high rate of speed, looked like someone slammed on the breaks and tossed them pretty far."

Both Luke and Quon's families say they never even heard of the viral car surfing trend.

"I would've never imagined my son would be on the top of a car going 40-50 miles an hour," said Maye Frances Davis, Quon's mother.

Davis says Quon still hasn't come out of a coma, and he has severe brain trauma.

Luke's family says he started talking, but still needs surgery on his pelvis and has a long recovery ahead.

"This is absolutely a life and death situation," said Phillip Smith, Luke's father. "We're here because if there's one parent, who will have that conversation with their child, and that'll keep this from happening, it will have been worth it."

Edmond Police say a 15-year-old was driving the SUV around 40 miles per hour. Officers are still working on the report.

Both families say they don't blame the driver and believe all the teens acted together.

Luke and Quon are still in critical condition at OU Medical Center.

Luke is a freshman at Santa Fe High School, and Quon is a sophomore at Edmond North High School.

Edmond public schools administrators plan to meet next week to see about adding car surfing to the schools' safety discussions.