Police Report Finds Edmond Teen Huffed Air Duster Before Fatal Crash

Thursday, March 28th 2013, 11:41 am
By: News 9

A just-released report from the Edmond Police Department indicates an 18 year old killed in a car crash may have been huffing air duster and smoking marijuana moments before a fatal crash.

Landon Burger was killed February 18 when his car crashed into some trees in the 1900 block of Coltrane Road in Edmond. A tree branch crashed through the windshield and struck Burger. The teen died at the scene.

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Police found cans of compressed air at the scene, along with two plastic baggies that held marijuana residue. Evidence at the crash site suggested Burger did not try to stop the car or swerve before he slammed into the trees.

During the investigation, police learned Burger had purchased air duster from a nearby Walmart just minutes before the crash. Investigators now believe the teen was intoxicated when he crashed his car.

Toxicology reports confirm the teen was in fact huffing Ultra Duster before the crash and was likely at an extreme level of intoxication and may have even lost consciousness before the crash occurred.