My 2 Cents: Illegal Immigration

Monday, April 1st 2013, 11:18 pm
By: News 9

I've always tried to use common sense when it comes to the illegal immigration mess our country is in.

Common sense tells me, you close and secure the borders, with the military if necessary. You sort out who's here, throw the bad apples out.

And then the ones who are trying to earn an honest living, you make them pay a fine for breaking the law and then come up with a long term system where they can earn the right to stay here and become citizens.

That's practical. But it starts with closing the borders, for a while at least.. I don't know how long.

I repeat that because the so called Gang of 8 Congressmembers think they're near an immigration compromise that would allow a steady stream of unskilled immigrants into the U-S to do the jobs Americans won't.

Who did those jobs before? Americans.

And it is Americans, with high school educations or less, who will be competing with these immigrants for jobs.

28 million Americans who fall into that "lesser educated" category aren't working as it is right now.. and we want to allow in more competition for those jobs?

Where's the common sense in that?