Your 2 Cents: Illegal Immigration

Tuesday, April 2nd 2013, 11:30 pm
By: News 9

I agree with a lot of what the Gang of 8 Congressmen are trying to do on illegal immigration, but I don't agree with allowing in a stream of unskilled immigrants in coming years.. to compete with unemployed Americans for jobs.

Here's what you had to say, Lisa from Shawnee first: "I usually agree with you... On this one you are totally wrong, because you are not exposed to it and frankly have no clue!"

Don says: "I sometimes agree with you, sometimes I do not, this is one of these times I do.. ..but I would have to say we probably need to deport more than you suggested."

Nick from Del City: "You, of all people, doing a negative commentary about illegal immigration? Your fellow democrats are probably in total shock."

NavyGirl from Morrison: "I completely agree with you, Kelly. It's time for our country to close its borders. We don't need more incentive for American's to not be working."

But Para argues: "I don't see any competition for jobs happening if Hispanic people are able to be here. It's just majority of Americans are not trying hard enough..."

Finally, Reed writes: "I am a single father and we own a small construction company, the last few years the illegals are coming in droves and taking work right out from under me its affecting our life in a drastic way.."