Teacher Training Forces OKC Schools To Adjust Schedules

Wednesday, April 3rd 2013, 5:55 pm
By: Dana Hertneky

Parents in some metro schools may have to make some big adjustments for next school year.

A handful of Oklahoma schools are either starting later or sending students home earlier on designated days to make time for teacher training. In Putnam City, students will start school 90 minutes later the first Wednesday of every month, beginning next year.

The district is taking that hour and a half every month to help teachers better understand the dramatic changes in Oklahoma education, including new teacher evaluation methods and newly adopted common core state standards.

"If teachers don't have a chance to understand that and really work through those issues and understand how they need to do their jobs differently, then it won't be effective," said Steve Lindley, Communications Director for Putnam City Schools.

But for parents who work those seven days could be a big headache.

"Between my schedule and their schedule is going to be the opposite to what we're used to do. I just don't see it functioning right for us," said Dennis Freer, a single dad with two students in the district.

"Right now we don't have all the answers," said Lindley. "We know is does effect parents and that's something we need to figure out."

Lindley says they are looking in the schools for available personnel to help parents out and community options.  

Piedmont schools will be doing something similar. They will be releasing students two hours early on six days during next year.

Tulsa schools began an early dismissal on Friday's last year and district administrators say it has been successful.