My 2 Cents: Rutgers Basketball Coach Fired After Abuse Video Surfaces

Wednesday, April 3rd 2013, 10:39 pm
By: News 9

Rutgers University in New Jersey is looking for a new Head basketball coach Wednesday night; the old coach needs to be looking for a good therapist, and I'm not being flippant about that.

Rutgers fired Coach Mike Rice on Wednesday; a day after a video was released, showing the out-of-control coach in practice, shoving his players, angrily firing basketballs at their legs, their heads. He's seen kicking one and you can hear him cussing out players, sometimes using homophobic slurs.

The Rutgers Athletic Director says he first saw the video four months ago, suspended the coach three games, fined him and told him to go to anger management.

You can watch 30 seconds of this and see he should have been fired when this first came to light. The AD has a lot of explaining to do. What he was doing was personal. Coach Mike Rice was nothing more than a schoolyard bully with zero self-control and a terrible example to be leading young men.

Physically roughing up players should get you thrown out of coaching forever.