Girlfriend Of Man Charged With Killing Pregnant Blanchard Mom Speaks Out

Thursday, April 4th 2013, 7:37 pm
By: News 9

Prosecutors officially file murder charges on a man accused of meeting a pregnant mom for sex.

Joseph Cyr became the new suspect in the killing of Jaymie Adams not long after they reduced charges against her husband Justin

Cyr's fiancée questions the new found allegations in an exclusive interview with News 9. Rebekah Schultz says she and her fiancé Joseph Cyr are both listed as witnesses for the state's case against Justin Adams

Schultz says both of them were on standby to testify in Adams' preliminary hearing, until the case turned on them.

"You have to know the other side of the story," said Schultz.

Schultz says Cyr is innocent.

"You have to see the things in the affidavit that don't add up, because they are holding a man right now for reasons that are very untrue," Schultz said.

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Court records show Cyr admitted he responded to a Craigslist ad for sex, but denied ever meeting up with Jaymie Adams. Prosecutor allege DNA taken from Cyr matched DNA found in Jaymie's body. It's one of several allegations Schultz says is not true.

"To say they have DNA match or cell phone pings that are on the same tower, I'm not quick to believe it because they tried to say the same things about Justin Adams," said Schultz.

Schultz says the affidavit for Cyr's arrest is misleading. They did not skip town after Jaymie's disappearance, but instead relocated to the Tulsa area because of her job. Schultz says they notified detectives about that move and made sure police had their contact information after.

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"They portrayed somebody who just up and left and they didn't know, which is very untrue. They absolutely knew."   

Schultz also denies the claim made in court documents that Cyr tried to sell the truck to get rid of evidence. She says she was pregnant and they needed a bigger vehicle.

"The truck had been taken in. They said they processed it and didn't find anything and they gave it back. There was nothing that indicated we shouldn't be able to sell it."

Schultz says they have always cooperated and now feels like the justice system has betrayed them.

"I feel like that's why the fingers are pointed at him cause he is the easiest target and that doesn't necessarily mean he is the right one."

Prosecutors declined to comment, but that is not uncommon when the case is still open.

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