OK Mobile Home Residents Worried As Severe Weather Season Arrives

Tuesday, April 9th 2013, 6:39 pm
By: News 9

It is severe weather season across Oklahoma, and it's time for families to get prepared.

In Norman, city leaders say in the event of a tornado, you could be safer taking precautions at home rather than at its public shelters.

The city of Norman is recommending that people stay in their homes and shelter in place.

Folks who live in mobile homes in Norman say their options are limited when it comes to keeping their families safe.

"We all get pretty scared, you know, because we live in mobile homes," said resident Billy Wines. "You never know when they're going to tip over or blow away."

Worries about severe weather run through the Lexington Crossing mobile home park in Norman.

"Especially my daughter, she's always so panicked about tornadoes," Nair Rodriguez said.

Rodriguez is concerned about having to drive to a shelter.

"You never know when it's on the way, especially being that close, the tornado around this area," said Rodriguez. "It's very risky, very unsafe."

The Norman fire chief says the city's four public shelters are not actually certified tornado shelters, and he's recommending that most families take safety precautions at home.

That means underground, in a safe room, or an interior room with no windows on the first floor.

"It makes me feel a little nervous and scared," Rodney Wines said.

As for families living in this mobile home park, they'll be relying on warning sirens to get to a shelter in plenty of time.

If you choose to get out on the roads, FEMA recommends no more than an eight-minute walking distance to where your family decides to take shelter.