Valley Brook Residents Want Controversial Coffee Shop Closed

Tuesday, April 9th 2013, 10:42 pm
By: News 9

Residents in Valley Brook want a Coffee Shop to close its doors. They say it's been a refuge for convicted sex offenders, and ex-cons - now there's a petition going around to shut it down.

Residents say the shop is a nuisance. Supporters praise it, saying it's a place that's changed their lives.

When you take a closer look and sit down for a cup of coffee inside, you quickly realize Joe's Addiction is much more than a coffee house. Chris Hollrah says it's a place for redemption.

"It's a place to heal. It's a place where we try and do what the Lords prayers tell us to ask God to do, to bring his kingdom here," said manager., Chris Hollrah.

But, some people in Valley Brook don't see the coffee shop as a safe heaven. Other though, like Angel Parent-Perez says it has been a strong support system in her life.

"I was seriously contemplating suicide because I was tired. I didn't have anywhere to turn. I didn't know what to do," said Angel Parent-Perez.

One day Parent-Perez says she found herself, and her family without a home. At one point she had to live in her van.

"No one that comes in here is perfect. Everyone has their sides, their faults." said Parent-Perez. "But this is what true Christianity is about."

"I don't care what it is to them. I don't want them in my neighborhood," said Valley Brook resident, Tressie Lawson. "I mean, I don't want them at my front door, I don't want them at my back door, I don't want them at my side door. I don't want them at any door in my neighborhood."

"They hang out there all day long," said resident Terry Ferguson. "I've seen them out there all times of the night, hanging out back, smoking cigarettes, sleeping out there," said resident, Terry Ferguson.

Hollrah thinks residents are fearful because of lack of knowledge, and their claims are based on rumors and innuendo.

"I'm not afraid to face the battle, and I know if I need support, I can come here," said Parent-Perez. "I don't want to lose Joe's."

Joe's Addiction was on the council agenda Tuesday night, but was tabled until a later meeting.