Intruder Shot, Killed During Guthrie Home Invasion

Thursday, April 11th 2013, 8:25 pm
By: News 9

A quiet Guthrie neighborhood is shaken up after a home invasion leaves one man dead.

Guthrie Police say a man from the neighborhood broke into a family's home and was shot and killed.

Police received calls around midnight from neighbors about a man banging on the backdoor of a home. A woman told police a man with no clothes on broke into her home, and her husband shot him.

"The homeowner had a wife and two small children in the house," says Lt. Mark Bruning of the Guthrie Police Department. "He told us the subject lunged at him, kept coming at him, at which he fired his gun several times."

When police arrived at the home on Walnut Court, they found a naked man dead on the kitchen floor.

"We don't know what his intent was, if he had mental health issues, there's no telling what was going on in his mind," said Bruning. "The homeowner, who fired the shots, was visibly upset. He was distraught. He didn't want to do it, but felt like he had to protect his family."

Guthrie Police say they're not used to seeing home invasions in their city, and in this invasion, the intruder lived in the neighborhood.

"I'm shocked. It's a quiet, family-oriented neighborhood. I met him and his father," says Sissi Hagedorn, a neighbor. "He seemed fine. He's quiet. He seemed shy, but he seemed really OK."

Neighbors say the intruder lived with his 88-year-old father next door to the home he broke into. They say he was in his mid-forties, suffered from bipolar disorder and had been taking care of his father for the last few years because he has dementia.

"Wow, I'm surprised," says Hagedorn, who grew up in the neighborhood. "But being a parent, my first thing would be to protect my children, so in the middle of the night, someone breaking into my house, you have to react."

Guthrie Police are awaiting an autopsy from the Medical Examiner before an official report is filed with the Logan County District Attorney's Office.