My 2 Cents: Marcus Smart

Tuesday, April 16th 2013, 10:57 pm
By: News 9

I want to talk about a college basketball player tonight, but this commentary is not about basketball. It's about kids, and happiness, and money, lots of money.

Tomorrow, freshman Marcus Smart, an All America point guard from OSU, will announce whether he's going to the NBA or staying for another year in Stillwater.

Most draft experts say he's an easy top 5 pick, and if they're right the kid who just turned 19 years old.. the kid who grew up with very little, would be guaranteed to make at least 6 to 9 million dollars over the next 2 NBA seasons.

We grownups know the answer don't we?

You take the money while you can get it.. it'll change your life.

But this guy's different.. you can see the reckless joy in the way he plays, and he has an unusual maturity about him.

So don't be surprised tomorrow if Marcus Smart tells the NBA.. "yeah, I know I'm broke but keep your money for now.. because I'm really happy playing basketball and going to college with my buddies here in Stillwater."

And I don't think he's wavering because he's hoping to get more next year either.

Is it possible these days that an American teenager could value a shared experience with friends over riches.. Smart money says it is.

We'll see for sure tomorrow....