OKC Man Arrested, Accused Of Setting Father On Fire

Tuesday, April 23rd 2013, 7:31 pm
By: News 9

An Oklahoma City man is in jail, accused of throwing gasoline on his father, and then setting him on fire.

It is a wonder this father survived the attack, but he did. His brother in law says he suffered first and second degree burns, but plans to be up and around next week.

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Roger Carey says that's surprising, since the victim had just recently undergone open heart surgery.

"Didn't do any permanent damage," said Roger Carey, who visited him Tuesday afternoon. "He's a tough old bird."

Carey still can't believe what happened last night between his brother in law Gary Smith, and his 38-year-old son David.

The police report states the two got into an argument, and that David grabbed a can of gasoline out of the kitchen, and threw gas on his dad. He then threw a cigarette lighter on him, which caused him to ignite in flames.

"And the house was doused in gasoline!" said Carey. "That kid was saying, if he couldn't hear his TV the way he wanted it to then he'd burn the damn house down."

The police report state's David's father asked him to turn the stereo down, and instead he turned it up, and then threw the stereo remote at his father, before stomping off to the kitchen to get the gasoline.

Carey says his brother in law has burns on his hand and arms and also on his stomach.

And that's not all!

"He says he was burned on the back of his legs and his ankles but I didn't look at that," Carey said.

For now Gary Smith is resting and recovering at his home, and is not granting any interviews.

And his daughter was not very pleased that we were there.

"I'm sorry it happened too, but it's nobody's business, it's just not," said the daughter, who did not want to be identified.

The police report states David Smith ran from the scene, but was found a short time later and arrested.

Carey says David had been living with his parents for the past five or six years, after he was released from prison. He said both father and son had issues with each other from time to time, but seemed to be doing fine. Until last night.

David Smith is currently in the Oklahoma County jail - accused of attempted murder and first degree arson. He is being held without bond.