We Paid For It: Highway Signs

Friday, April 26th 2013, 10:45 pm
By: News 9

We see them on Oklahoma interstates and in many Oklahoma towns. Signs letting us know what city we're entering and highlighting some of its popular destinations and well known residents.

They're actually called postcard signs. Former Gov. Frank Keating came up with the idea in 1997. Did you know we're paying for them?

There are currently 56 postcard signs across our state, showcasing 29 towns. Most have two, one in each direction on the interstate. For the first 30 signs, taxpayers paid the entire $4,000 per sign price tag.

Today we split the cost with the towns. That's 26 signs at $2,000 each from our pockets, totally $172,000 for all 56 postcard signs.

Other markers we're paying for are called "memorial" signs, honoring a public figure or someone who died. Prior to 2011 we paid for each sign at $650 each. Now we only pay for signs honoring a U.S. military member killed in action. In all, we've paid for 1386 memorial signs totally $900,900.

There are also temporary signs like "Home of Governor Mary Fallin" in Tecumseh that will only display during her time in office. In Cordell you'll find a sign that says "Lacy Russ: Miss America's Outstanding Teen." Thomas features "Home of First Gentleman: Wade Christensen." At $175 each, the signs cost us $525.