3 Arrested For Assaulting OKC Police Following Fight Over Rental Furniture

Monday, April 29th 2013, 1:18 pm
By: News 9

Two men and a woman are accused of assaulting two Oklahoma City police officers at an apartment on the northwest side of the city.

Two rental store employees called police to the apartment on April 25. They'd come to the apartment at 12901 N. MacArthur Boulevard to retrieve property because the residents hadn't paid for it. The employees said they felt threatened because a comment one of the residents made implied he had a gun.

Police arrived and entered the apartment. Officers said twins Allen and Andre Starks, both 22, yelled for the police to get out. According to the police report, both men acted aggressively and refused to calm down.

The report stated Allen Starks began struggling with one officer, even putting his hands around the officer's throat. The two separated, and that's when Andre Starks allegedly threw a bottle of water at the officer.

Police say moments later, 20-year-old Euneisha McGee walked toward the police with a clothes iron in one hand, and a baby in the other. She allegedly threatened to hit one of the officers with the iron. When one of the officers threatened to use his taser on her, McGee stepped back.

Police say the twins continued to act aggressively, so one of the officers doused them with pepper spray. The brothers were subdued and arrested. McGee complained of having trouble breathing, so she and her baby were taken out of the apartment. She was later arrested.

All three were booked into the Oklahoma County jail on complaints of assault and battery on a police officer, and obstructing a police officer.