OK Schools Forced To Change Testing Schedules Due To Server Crash

Tuesday, April 30th 2013, 6:51 pm
By: News 9

School districts across the state dealt with a glitch during online testing, invalidating hundreds of assessments.

Several districts around the metro were forced to change their testing schedule to accommodate students who were booted offline in the middle of their exams.

Students, parents and teachers expressed frustration after the CTB McGraw-Hill testing system went down for a second day in a row.

"The administrative cost and time and effort that goes into scheduling one testing day is huge," said Kelli Calingasan, Director of Assessments at Western Heights Public Schools. "As a teacher, a parent, I think that the accountability issue at hand here, the high school students that can't graduate if they don't pass these tests and the school's a through f grading scale and the accountable that we are being held against with these tests is not right."

So much depends on these tests, according to Calingasan. High school seniors need to pass their End of Instruction tests to graduate and student performance is included in a school's A-F grade. For that reason, the Oklahoma Department of Education said it would make accommodations because of the outstanding circumstances.

What those accommodations are has yet to be determined.

CTB McGraw-Hill told the state that engineers had come up with a solution to the server crashes that were to blame for kicking the students offline mid-test.

Several schools including, Western Heights and Edmond have already altered their testing schedules because of the glitch.