Edmond Man Accused Of Attacking Homes With Tractor

Wednesday, May 1st 2013, 5:52 pm
By: Karl Torp

An Edmond man is accused of using a tractor to smash into two homes in the Arbor Creek subdivision in East Edmond.

Mike Fightmaster was been arrested for the malicious destruction of property.

The brick has been knocked off sides of one home in three locations. Contractors think an entire wall has to be replaced on another home as well. Both homes damaged have yet to be completed inside the new neighborhood, near 2nd St. and Saints Rd.

The cost to fixing the damage is estimated at $80,000

According to police reports, Fightmaster is upset because he feels one of the homes lots sits on 100 sq. ft. of his five-acre property.

"What's a person supposed to do when the City Council doesn't take care of them and does everything for the big corporation," says Eric Fightmaster, the suspect's son.

Fightmaster's son tells News 9 his father suffers from PTSD and the construction work at Arbor Creek sounds like "gunfire" each morning.

Police reports show that Fightmaster admitted to taking his medication and drinking "Southern Comfort" before taking his tractor next door.