Mother Speaks Out For OK Army Lieutenant Charged With Murder

Friday, May 3rd 2013, 10:17 pm
By: News 9

An Oklahoma-born Army Lieutenant charged with two counts of murder says he's innocent, and people around the world are supporting him. 

It all started when two men approached 1st Lt. Clint Lorance and his platoon in Afghanistan. The family of the 1st Lt., who has been stripped of his leadership position, says none of this makes any sense. Clint Lorance ordered his troops to shoot those men, which they did. Two other men were arrested.

Now at Fort Bragg N.C., Lorance must answer to multiple charges.

"It's just heartbreaking," said Clint's mother via Skype, Anna Lorance. "Day and night, it's your thought, day and night, trying to understand it."

She says seeing the devastation in her son's eyes is hard for her handle.

"We'll just do what we have to until it's over," said Lorance.

It was July 2012 when Clint and his platoon set out on foot in a remote sector of Kandahar Province, Afghanistan. Two men on a motorcycle were sitting, watching the platoon at a distance. With only seconds to react, Lorance ordered his troops to shoot.

"You know, I wasn't there. But I know that my son made the call to the best of his ability," said Lorance. "You would have to know my son. He's the kind of person that would take a bullet for someone else."  

Lorance says it was a life or death situation and a decision her son would have made again. But, even though the platoon was in a combat zone, the Army says the Afghan villagers were shot illegally. Military prosecutors say the men showed, "no indication of a hostile act, or hostile intent."

"To me, he's a hero. I've never questioned his thinking that day, not one time, because I know who he is. But to me, he acted in bravery, and brought his soldiers home, and brought [himself] home," said Lorance.

Clint Lorance is also charged with attempted murder for ordering his men to unsuccessfully shoot at a third man. He's also accused of making false official statements, ordering illegal harassing fire into a village, obstructing justice and making threats against villagers.

A website has been created in support of Lorance.