Jury Seated In Trial Against Wife Of Slain Nichols Hills Fire Chief

Tuesday, May 7th 2013, 4:33 pm
By: News 9

A jury was seated in the murder trial for Becky Bryan just after 4 p.m. on Tuesday.

During day two of jury selection, potential jurors were questioned about church, cheaters, and trauma, among other potential bias. Eight women and four men will decide the fate of Becky Bryan. Most are married with kids and said they have heard little about the high profile case.

“When you have TV cameras looking in the window [of the courtroom] and people covering cases you have to ensure that it doesn’t effect these jurors,” Becky Bryan’s lawyer Gary James said.

James called the jury selection “a slow process,” but says its with good reason.

“Its a thorough process you know both sides are trying to ensure we get a fair jury and and the jury is open and very talkative.” James said.

Twelve of the 70 jurors called for duty will ultimately decide the fate of Bryan, she is accused of shooting and killing her husband, late Nichols Hills Fire Chief Keith Bryan in September 2011.

James covered a variety of topics in questioning potential jurors. He asked about their exposure to media coverage of the case, their experiences dealing with grief or traumatic events, and their opinions on love affairs. James said Becky Bryan’s alleged love affairs could come out during the trial.

One potential juror said “I’m out” when asked if he could excuse Becky Bryan’s alleged love affairs. Another acknowledged the publicity of the case was quote “intense” and difficult to ignore.

The state and defense spent the rest of the afternoon trying to choose 2 alternates. The alternates will be named on Wednesday morning. Opening statements are expected after that. Prosecutors have declined to give comment during the trial.

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