My 2 Cents: Grizzlies Fan Thinks Thunderdome Is Overrated

Tuesday, May 7th 2013, 11:06 pm
By: News 9

I read with amusement a Grizzlies fan's critique of coming to Oklahoma City for game 1.. his bottom line: the Thunderdome is overrated.

He was stunned that church attendance might be to blame for the late arriving crowd Sunday at noon, and he was completely taken aback that there was a pre-game prayer.

His reaction was not meant to be derogatory toward OKC, he wrote. Trust me my friend we're not offended, we wear that as a badge of honor.

It was shocking to him that he never heard a Thunder fan yell at one of our players for missing a shot, or a pass to a teammate.. he blamed it on Thunder fans having zero basketball IQ.

No, we understand our team is young and still learning, but very talented and explosive.

He says Thunder fans are spoiled, entitled.. apparently he hasn't checked the record books from when we rocked the house for the losing Hornets and our baby "boys in blue."

Oklahoma sports fans EXPECT excellence, but we don't blame others when it eludes us, we set our jaws and go to work, and at a game that means cheering loudly when your team is down 10 and scores a free throw.. try it.. you might win more.

I'm sure driving all the way back to Memphis smarting from a loss leaves you jaded so we're going to trust the NBA experts who consistently say the Thunder has the best home crowd in the league.