Neighbor: 4-Year-Old Property Mess Eyesore For City

Wednesday, May 8th 2013, 8:41 pm
By: News 9

Neighbors say it's been an eyesore for nearly four years. At one point, there was a hoard of cats. Now, there are allegations of neglected dogs and a stench that won't go away.

The issue is with just one home, but neighbors say it makes the whole city look bad. That's why one family has called the city to complain, but nothing ever happens. Neighbor Michella Turner says she has finally had enough and wants the mess cleaned up.

"I have a beautiful home that I'm very proud of, and then I have to live next-door to this," Turner said. "It smells like ammonia [and] cat urine."

Turner says dogs are neglected in the backyard, and she can't remember the last time the grass was mowed. Neighbors say even vacant homes in Tuttle look better than the neglected property. For a small town, Turner says, this property is sticking out like a sore thumb.

The owner of the property agreed to talk with News 9, but asked us to keep her face off camera. She says the yard looks much better now than it did before and admits it's still a work in progress. She claims the dogs are just fine.

"I come out here at least once a week," the homeowner said. "[The dogs] have been like this the whole time. They're fine. They have their food. They have their water. They have whatever they want."

Although neighbors are skeptical, the City of Tuttle seems to agree with the property owner.

"The dogs are taken care of … the neighbors check on them," police chief Don Cluck said.

City officials say no citations have been issued, and they are cutting the owner a break on the grass. At the same time, they welcome complaints.

"We do have ordinances about high grass and weeds … so if they contact us, we'll get a hold of the homeowner again and have her clean it up," Cluck said.

Police say the cats have been removed from the home. The homeowner says she can't clean the property alone, but promises the mess will be gone in the next few weeks.