Becky Bryan Murder Trial Enters Fourth Day

Thursday, May 9th 2013, 7:45 pm
By: News 9

New details in the murder of late Nichols Hills fire chief Keith Bryan. An ex-lover of his wife, Becky, takes the stand along with four other people.

Becky Bryan is accused of gunning him down inside their home.

The jury heard about naked photos, racy text messages and the affair with her ex-lover. Prosecutors revealed those transgressions only after pointing out several contradictions in Becky Bryan's story after her husband's murder.

Janna Hickman, a close family friend of Becky Bryan, and her husband Keith Bryan, told the court she tried to console Becky the night her husband was shot but, "She was just laughing, laughing all the time talking about something so tragic."

Hickman testified Becky was on the phone the entire evening telling people Keith Bryan was dead from the gunshot wound he received inside their Mustang home on Sept 20.

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Hickman said, "Becky, No he is still alive. He is going into surgery" and Becky said "Really? Really?"

Hickman cried telling the court after that Becky Bryan continued to refer to Keith as dead.

Following the tearful testimony, Bill Whitescarver took the stand and described what he called inappropriate text messages from the defendant. He said "It just freaked me out" getting two nude photos of Becky Bryan, a woman he had only recently met.

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The defense argued Whitescarver sent 16 texts messages to Becky Bryan, speculating he flirted.

Her ex-lover, Mark Holbrook testified about their five month love affair, "She wasn't the person I thought she was. She became manipulative."

Holbrook said Becky Bryan contacted him numerous times the day Keith Bryan died saying she would get an inheritance soon and that she still loved him. Holbrook called the affair a huge mistake. Prosecutors played a phone call between Holbrook and Becky Bryan the OSBI recorded after the murder.

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