Reporter Notes From Becky Bryan Trial, Day 4

Thursday, May 9th 2013, 9:25 pm
By: News 9

News 9's Lisa Monahan was inside the courtroom Thursday as the murder trial for Becky Bryan entered its fourth day. These are her notes and not a word-for-word representation of what was said.

DAY 4 - STATE'S 4th WITNESS - Jim McClung, EMT 

Paramedic: Becky Bryan told him that she was in the back bedroom and walked into the living room where her husband was shot.

Paramedic: Becky said that the intruder ran out the back door

Paramedic : Becky Bryan never asked about her husband's conditions; she never asked if she could ride in the ambulance

- EMSA Policy would prevent her from doing so.

Paramedic : the defendant was "excited" and kept telling everyone to not touch the evidence


He heard becky say "i saw someone standing over him and he said sorry ma'am he should have hired me"

Oct 3, 2011 interview by  Mustang Police Department 

Defense: You said back patio door was the entry of the intruder. why? 

because it was the only door that I saw you could gain entry from outside

What was Keith's condition? quite a bit of blood and brain matter protruding when I first arrived at the scene 

Do you think that its possible she didn't ask to ride in ambulance because she knows she can't  after being married to a firefighter for many years? for her, yes she could know that 

STATE'S 5th WITNESS - Mustang Police Sgt. Jeffrey Collins - 

SGT responded to the Bryan home following 911 call.

On the way to home, did you see small a dark pick up on SH 152? no 

SGT: when she approached us she said somebody shot my husband

SGT: She wasn't crying. She didn't look upset to me.

SGT: I asked Becky to turn down the tv. I don't think she heard me so I picked up the remote from his leg and turned it down.

SGT : I asked her to put on a pair of pants

What was she wearing when you first saw here? black shirt, black lace panties and no shoes.

SGT: She asked if she could put some pants on.

I said yes. She went to the bedroom and put on some pants.

Did you limit her access to the clothes while she was putting on pants? no

SGT: she told me she had a conceal carry permit

She said a gun had been stolen from her son 2 weeks earlier and she thought the 2 incidents were related.

She asked if officer would dust the whole house for fingerprints

she then laid down on the bed and said "i cant do this"

She said "get the mother f---r that did this "

Did she ever ask you to arrest her? i explained i was needing some more information and she said am i a suspect if so, then arrest me

at some point she got angry, stuck her finger in my face and said " fuck you " and walked out to the back patio.


1st discussion with Becky Bryan happened outside 

2nd discussion - in the living room.

So its just you and her actually physically in the living room area? yes

She said she had been in Tulsa and arrived just before the shooting.  She couldn't give me a time.

She said he came in through the garage door and shot my husband

how long does this discussion last? maybe a couple of minutes

she returned to back patio after that conversation 

Went to bedroom - told me about her son, kenneth's firearm -asked if would dust for fingerprints then she went to back patio.

SGT : she was always within eye sight

How did it come about for her to put on some pants ? she asked if she could put some on

Was she still wearing the same shirt after she put on pants? yes 

Defense Gary james hands officer the shirt removed from ms bryan at the hospital

is this the shirt she was wearing? yes

Where was Lt Davis during all of this time?  I don't know.

I ask her to come into house- this is when she said she had been in Tulsa before returning to residence.

Last conversation - she entered from back patio

i told her i was going to give my preliminary info to the detective

She then said "Am I suspect if so then arrest me.  I told her it was not my intent"

She said "I cant do this"? yes sir

Did you ask what she meant? no sir

How long did she lay on the bed? not long, a few seconds maybe.

Then she got up and went back to the living room

Did it surprise you when she got angry with you? Yes sir

So if EMSA just testified the remote was on Keith's lap that would be wrong? I don't know if they were there before I picked it up and turned off TV.

STATE's 6th WITNESS -Janna Hickman - Mustang Fire Chief's Wife

You knew both Becky & Keith Bryan? yes for more than 20 years

My husband and Keith were very close like brothers

Did you every see becky outside of firefighter events? Yes. They came to our home in Sulphur and there when our child was dedicated at the church.

How did relationship if at all once you moved to Mustang? We enjoyed their company.we would play cards at night just together a lot

I knew the boys and Keith's parents. Jessie the daughter -in-law and I know Lindsey, Kent's girlfriend.

They came to our house sometimes and we went to there house.

We played cards, We played Spades all the time ,and just visited. Sometimes if a ball game was on we would watch that.

Go on trips with them? We had a cabin rented in Broken Bow.

January was our anniversary and we invited them to go to the cabin again.

How close of a relationship did you have with becky at the time of keith's death?  

After she filed for divorce we weren't together much.

Had the defendant ever disclosed any problems in marriage? no 

Did it surprise you ? yes, very much so

I didn't know they had got back together until March 2010 at a funeral.

When she left the cabin, Keith rode with us and as far as we knew she had moved to an apartment.

At firefighter's seminar, when everyone was leaving becky announce she and Keith were going to go have sex now. 

When my husband got the call that Keith had been shot I told him I wanted to go to be with becky

Why did you want to go to the house? because we had always been so close and I loved her very much.

When my husband and I approached the house. we stopped to talk to firefighters and the look they gave I knew something was very wrong.

When I got to back patio,  Becky, Kent and Lindsey were there. Becky was smoking.

My husband asked what had happened. She said someone shot him. ((CRYING)) and said he should have f*** hired me.

I hugged her and told her I am sorry and God would get us through this.

She cried a bit but not a lot and she said "I'm sorry I know he was your friend too"

Kent then said "be strong for my mom"

I was there from 10:30 until 1:30am

She kept telling them that ((crying)) that he was bleeding, that his eyes were bugging out, that he was convulsing, and there was blood." 

Every phone call she made she said that 

She kept telling them he was dead and that she would be planning a funeral in the next 3 or 4 days. 

I had talked to kent at the hospital and he told me they were taking his dad back for surgery.

I said, " becky, No he is still alive.  He is going into surgery"

She said really? really? 

Even after that she told people he was dead? yes she said now it was going to be difficult to sell the home now that someone had died.

I didn't hear all of the calls. I had to walk away.

I couldn't be strong because I loved Keith.  He was such a good friend. 

When she was laughing and talking on the phone and to hear the story over and over again,  I just had to get away from it. 

You heard her give the description of the person and the truck? yes 

Did it fit any description you are familiar with? yes, one of the sons 

What did she say about the intruder? He came in back door and walked up to the couch. I thought she said that she was in the bedroom and came into the living room

Do you remember how she described suspect's vehicle? yes, small dark pickup.

What car was in the driveway?  a small dark pickup and keith's truck

She was just laughing, laughing all the time talking about something so tragic

While on the back patio did she mention anyone else being there? yes, debbie proctor

Did they have pets? yes, Mesa

Becky said when the shot was fired that Mesa went crazy. She said Mesa was sitting on Keith's lap at the time of the shooting.

She would always come to the door barking when we would come over. She knew us and would settle down after a while. 

While on back patio, she was very upset with Officer Collins. She didn't want to talk to him. 

Did the officers mistreat her? no

We left the patio when Cami McNeil asked us to leave. 

Trent asked me not to leave my mother alone. I asked Debbie Proctor if she would stay with Becky and she said yes so we all walked away.

Cami was testing Becky's hands for gun shot residue she was laughing and saying she has seen CSI and that they thought she killed her husband.

Becky said if she had gunshot residue its because she picked up the dog and brought it to the patio. 


20 years  

Did you know she was active in her church? yes

How many times did you socialize after you reconnected with them? at least 2 times

He was always a gentleman. Sometimes he did extra things.

You said debbie proctor showed up some time later

10-15 minutes after 

Call records show you received a call from Becky at 10:25 pm ? I don't remember getting a call from Becky.

Was Cami still there when you left? yes 

And you thought you left there around 1:30? yes

The crime scene log shows you left around 2350 or 2330 either 11:50 pm or 11:30pm? I don't remember exactly.

You talked about they didn't seem as fun loving? and you said Becky said something like we are going to go home and have sex? correct 

Was that in a funny moment? no 

I take it you found that offensive? yes 

Nothing a friend of 20 years old would say.

It was said in an off manner- not a kidding manner - it was like we are going to have sex  

What was your interaction with Kent?

I hugged him and told him I loved him. You know we love the kids.

How did he act that evening? very solemn 

Was he openly crying or weeping? not that I saw

You did say that becky did cry? very emotional for maybe 30 sec.

YOu had never seen becky in a traumatic situation have you? I knew she had an upsetting time when her mom was in a nursing home setting

We didn't have time to console her she was on the phone the whole time

"she said the dog had gone wild at the gun shot" 

you said after becky filed for divorce your feelings changed for her? i love becky i hated that was the situation. I don't know that my feelings changed for her.

STATE 7th WITNESS - Dr. Roxie Albrecht , OU Medical Center Surgeon

We were told there were some signs of life at the scene. We prepared for him to arrive at the hospital. 

What sort of treatment did he receive. In his case, there was a wound about 2cm in size.

The wounds that you observed, round holes that had jagged areas 

The left wound was larger - the exit wound is larger than entrance wound

It was a non survivable gun shot wound

We continue to have a gleam of hope 

A guideline at hospital - wait 6 hours.

Photograph 10 -  bryan at hospital

Photograph 12 - right side gun shot wound 

Photograph 13 -

We sat down and reviewed the brain dead exam. 

 explained that he was brain dead and what that meant. She expressed to me that he was an organ donor and somewhere said that he desired to be a directed donor.

He would like to donate to - pointed

I believe it was the liver

That was the first time I've had some request a directed donation,  and a first tim the person to receive the donation was in the room 

That has to be approved by the medical examiner and I knew we didn't have good success with donating in homicide situations.

Contacted a friend at Lifeshare.

In reading ER record there is documentation that the ME came to the examine with the OSBI

The organ donation was approved

Cause of death was brain death - due to a gunshot wound to the head.


Are gun shot wounds common for you? something you see often? yes 

These have been on a rise in Oklahoma this past year.

I was there 5 mins before Keith Bryan arrived at the hospital.

I didnt know who he was at the time. later learned it was a firefighter.

Did you know it was Ted Wilson ? not at the time. 

Did you know that the donation was for another firefighter.

It was a family decision to donate? He had not checked his drivers license to show that 

Do you remember who all was with Becky when you met to discuss the donation? family but not the sons 

STATE's 8th WITNESS - Bill Whitescarver  -   Keller Williams Realty 

I was there with my fiance at this seminar

How long did you speak to her? 3 to 5 minutes

After you met her on monday did you have any other contact with her? no 

The next communication ? 10 am the next day

Where were you? attending 2nd day of conference

I got an inappropriate text. "There were photos and dialog and she basically said to come to her hotel room.

"It just freaked me out"  It was definitely inappropriate and it was freaking me out because my fiance was next to me. 

How would she have had access to your number? From a mixer at conference where we all exchanged business cards.

7653 last four digit of number at that time

Did you have any communication before you received that text message? 

She sent naked photos. first waist up. the other was waist down.

Describe waist up?  bare breast 

The waist down ? no clothes

The first text I recognized her in the image - 

I said "I guess you are not attending the conference today" 

"You made the right choice and you probably would have fallen in love with me  and it would have got complicated"

that was the last communication there ever was.

Witness reviews photos-  (1)naked shot from waist up

Can you describe the 2nd photo? a vagina

State edited portions of the photos sent to Whitescarver to hide parts of "vagina"

I said no i would not be going her in the hotel room because it was inappropriate and because i was engaged


Did you flirt with her? no 

Did you receive one or two photos? 3-5 total texts, 2-3 photos

Did you tell them about the vagina pictures? I don't know. 

When sent? around 10:30 

Could you have sent 15 or 16 texts to her? I dunno, I don't remember sending texts

You were not being flirtatious in the texts sent back to her? Iwas certainly not making arrangements to be in the hotel room

Could you have sent 16 texts? if the phone records say that I will go with that.

I remember 5 or 7 texts

How many texts did you send mrs bryan ?

I don't know 3 or 5

Did anyone from OSBI take your phone and forensically examine it ? no 



I met her in a real estate broker prep course in Moore, Oklahoma.

It was a 3 week course.

I was staying with my parents, they at the time lived in Spencer/Jones.

 We went to lunch a couple of times.

On last day of course, we went and ate lunch and went our separate way.

It was a professional ending

She told me she was married.

How much time before you took this course did you take this? a couple days before.

Who reached out first.  I don't remember 

We said hey lets take it [test] at Tulsa.

Any reason why you wanted to take it at the same time? not that we discussed. We became friends.

Did you express interest in each other?

"we became friends and liked each others company"

We had lunch after the test.

At that point we talked more on a personal level.

After lunch we went back to parking lot sat there and talked about 15 mins.

It was obvious to both of us that we started having more feeling for each other than friendship. We left after that.

She sent a text 30-40 mins after we departed.

It said call me.

We talked about the feelings were experiencing. 

The fact that you were married and the defendant were married and presented obstacles.

Do you make plans to get together and talk again? we said we would talk again the next day.

We just set up a time where we could both get away from our work?

we first met at a little place in Weleetka Oklahoma, a park beside a small cemetery.

talked for 3 or 4 hours.

at some point did it become sexual? not on that meeting. we did kiss each other and hug each other.

I didn't want her to know- my wife and i had grown apart in our marriage and it wasn't what it should have been. I didn't think it would happen and I didn't want her to know it happened.

This meeting was when? I think it was late august

It lasted until early january 2010.

It was within 3-4 weeks

"We talked about separating from our current spouses and getting married."

how many times did you see each other ? 10-12

other places you met? In Weleetka a couple times.

Turner Falls Roadside Park one time. Went to Ft. Worth one time and OKC together one weekend. And a weekend near Broken Bow

I told my wife I wanted a divorce but we decided to wait 

I moved out one weekend. In Ft. Townsend. 

While out of house did you spend time with defendant? yes in broken bow she rented a cabin there.

You changed your mind? yes. And moved back in with your wife? yes.

the telephone you have now the same you had back in 2011? yes. is this a published number. 

Is this the number you used by telephone & text messages.

Did you ever go so far to actually file for divorce from your wife? no

Do you remember if she did? yes 

The weekend I spent in Broken bow was the most time i had been around her.

After being around her, I started to realize she wasn't the person I thought she was

she became manipulative, she tried to stir things up in my mind, her feelings, my feelings, how I felt in my wife. I started realizing like this person is not acting like the person I was talking with the few months. 

She wanted me to divorce my wife sooner than I wanted to. It was going to be on my timing.

I told her i wanted to terminate the relationship " i realized i made a huge mistake"

i asked Keith bryan for forgiveness - he said we need to reconcile with our spouses 

Did  you have contact after that? only unwanted contact

before you left cabin in broken bow, did you express concerns where relationship was heading?

no. not at that time

when you went to house in ft. townson did you express

 yes.  We started talking about that.

 during that time that you told defendant that you were ending relationship.


Throughout the course of our relationship that we both agreed to—that if either one of us felt like we were making mistake we could call it off. At that point, we had become physical. Sexual.  It was at that point I realized I loved my wife and I snapped back to reality that I had made a huge mistake.  I told her I wanted to terminate

Told her I still had feelings for wife.

I just came to realization in my own self. Caused me to re-evaluate.

 did she understand that you were ending.

 yes.  We talked, debated and then she said if that's it's going to be, that's how it's going to be. I will leave.

We talked about telling husband.  I said I am going to tell my wife too.

  short time later you disclosed to spouse?

 next day.  

was it a mutual decision to disclose to spouse?


was there a reason you were going to disclose?

  to be honest. Ask for forgiveness.  It was going to take forgiveness.

Within a day or two. Not sure it next day.

Three way all next morning.

 why did you have conversation

 keith had called.  Said becky was on phone. Had told him about affair and wanted to talk to you about it.

 had you talked to him

 yes, we met in Hugo and had breakfast late September

 three way call what did you discuss?

 I told him I had an affair with wife. Wanted to apologize.  Vow to him not to have any more contact.  He wasn't angry. Was civil – not acting mad.

Agreed that she would reconcile and put lives back together.

 extent of conversation.

  defendant said very little. I don't remember anything she said.

 things ended



 not exact. Early January 2010

 did you make any effort to contact defendant

 no.  I had unwanted contact.  I received unwanted phone calls, text messages, emails.  Messages saying she wanted to talk, wanted me to call.

 when did she make contact again

 2-3 week via text

how did you respond

deleted or didn't answer.  She would leave message and I would erase.

what were messages

one message she said she wanted to see me again.  Plea to talk to her

 did you see her again

 yes.  First time I seen her. She drove into my driveway.

 how long after? March

anyone with her?

she introduced him as Curtis.  I was in driveway saw someone pull up.  Guy gets out and I recognize becky.

I stuck my hand out and told him to get off my property.

was that the only time you saw her? no.

any other communication by her to you shortly before she arrived in Hugo

yes. She had called me before she showed up at my house. It was a local prefix and she said she was in town and at my office.  She had a key- said she was returning a book.  I said you have no right to be in my office you need to get out. She started hollering at me. I said, you are acting crazy.

 shortly after she showed up at house

 yes, immediately.

 second time?

 I was working. It was almost 6 or 7 months later (feb 2011) I seen her at a—she came to my real estate office. I was on outside of building and she pulled up in a car.

 any communication between march when she showed up and feb 2011.


 was she with anyone

  yes. She got out of passenger side. White suv.

Couldn't see who she was with.

 had she been in recent contact


When she showed up in my office it had been almost a year.

  during time you had relationship, did you have unprotected sex


  did you ever try to protect from getting pregnant

 no.  she called one day from number I didn't recognize.  I answered phone and she spouted out who she was and that she pregnant.  I knew she was lying. I told her to take car e of it.

 when was telephone conversation?

 sometime before visit in March

 do you remember much about your encounter when she got out of white SUV

 yes,  I was In shock when I saw her.  I said I would call police. She said, I am leaving and got in car and left

 sept 2011 still married and living with wife in Hugo.

Did you have contact with defendant

 she called my cell.  I picked up phone and answered this is mark.  I remember it was 405 prefix.

Didn't register.  Answered phone.

 about what time

 after 7.  My wife and I had just sat down to watch news program

Said this is mark

She said mark this is becky.

She was still talking when I hung up phone.

 immediately hung up phone

  yes. I silenced the phone

  what did you do

  I looked at phone there was a text. Same number.

Didn't look at text

Wasn't curious.

 did you tell wife


  was text received before you answered phone

  I think it had been because it was there when I answered.

 other calls that night

  I believe there was another one that night. The next day I saw there was a missed call.  Voice mail.

 how long was vm message

 aprox 2-3 minutes

 describe voice

  sounded like she had been crying or drinking.  She said she still loved me. Wanted to be near me. Fixing to receive a large inheritance and was thinking about buying house in Hugo and she was going ot move to Hugo whether or not I wanted her to.

  when did you listen

  morning of sept 21 6 or 7 am.

  did you tell wife

  yes. As soon as she came home I told her

  how did you learn of his death.

  I was on property and my wife told me that she had sent a link to an email and I needed to read right away.

 after learning of death what did you do

  I called her and said I can't believe it. 

  she said what are you going to do

  I said I am going to OSBI.

Did OSBI agent come visit you about this?

yes. Came on Friday.

  On Friday, did you communicate w defendant

  yes. I called her.

 were there any text messages?

 I think so, yes.

  at time you contacted her, was someone recording conversation.

  recorded with small hand held tape recorder—I placed call. She answered and recording started before I dialed.

  Phone you used was phone number you used earlier?


 how long was call?

  5-10 minutes

STATE enters DISC - conversation OSBI recorded between Holbrook & Becky Bryan after the murder