Two Arrested After Human Trafficking Victim Found In Edmond

Friday, May 10th 2013, 5:56 pm
By: News 9

A human trafficking victim found safe in Edmond. Police found the 16 years old pregnant girl during a vice sting. She's now in protective custody. And the two young men she was with are arrested.

One of those young men is being held here on a human trafficking charge, and we believe the other is in juvenile custody.

Police tell me they had been trying to find the pregnant young girl they were with for quite some time. They finally tracked her down to an Edmond hotel.

“We seen a bunch of police come out here, they had a car surrounded there,” said Amy Hardin, who is staying at the hotel with her teen daughter. “ It was kind of crazy.”

Hardin says she and her daughter are staying at the Broadway Suites hotel near 15th street, and couldn't help but notice all the commotion here last night involving two young men and a pregnant teenager.

Oklahoma City Police say they took the pregnant 16 year old into protective custody,

They also arrested this man 21 year old Josh Hudson, along with a 17 year old boy who was with them.

Police say all three were involved in the sinister world of human trafficking.

“Oh wow!” exclaimed Hardin. “I didn't know that!”

Amy and other guests here at the hotel are shocked at the news.

“I can't believe something like that was going on around here!” Hardin said.

“She's been here, she's been here for a few days,” said one woman, who did not want to be identified.

She says she is horrified to discover the circumstances surrounding the young teen mom.

”I actually thought she was staying here with her boyfriend! I didn't realize the guys that were coming around were the guys they were putting her with!”

Amy says the girl never asked for any help. And never alluded to the fact that she was being forced to prostitute herself.

“She never acted like she was in any type of danger or anything,” Hardin said.

Police tell us these girls are often promised things like money, a place to live, and above all love. Only to find themselves selling their bodies for someone else’s gain.

Police say Hudson was electronically monitoring the pregnant 16 year old, and police caught him doing it in the parking lot.