Families Welcome Home Air National Guard Members

Saturday, May 11th 2013, 7:35 pm
By: News 9

Families welcomed home their heroes serving overseas Saturday afternoon after a six-month deployment to Afghanistan.

They waited anxiously for flight 4941. On board were several members of the Air National Guard making their return. After months of worrying Teri Joyner was happy her son was coming home.

"I think about it a lot or if I see something on the news. I'm like, ‘Where's Nathan? Where's he at?' So it is very worrisome and it's hard. It is hard to you know, send your husband or your son over there and not know what's going on," she said.

Joyner said she could not have imagined a better Mother's Day and her husband was just as happy to see his son home. A veteran himself, he knew what Nathan was going through.

"We're proud of him but we're just glad to get him back," explained Greg Joyner, Nathan's father. "He's just ready to get this thing over with and get home and get his life back together."

Nathan Joyner was excited to see the group of about 50 welcoming him and his fellow servicemen home.

"I feel fantastic. This is great man. You know it's really an amazing thing because we've been fighting this war you know for ten, twelve years now and it's good to see that people haven't really forgotten what's going on. It's really, really great every time you see the people come out."