Week Two Of Testimony Begins In Murder Trial Of Nichols Hills Fire Chief's Wife

Monday, May 13th 2013, 2:31 pm
By: News 9

Week two is underway in the trial for Becky Bryan, the wife accused of killing her husband, late Nichols Hills Fire Chief Keith Bryan.

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On Monday morning, prosecutors first called Brant Chill, a Nichols Hills firefighter, to testify. Chill described his first interaction with defendant Becky Bryan following the shooting in the couple's Mustang home on September 20, 2011. Chill described Becky's demeanor arriving to the hospital.

"She seemed oddly calm when she first arrived," he said. "She had no tear in her eye."

Defense attorney Gary James challenged Chill's statements saying, "You are not an expert on grief?" Chill agreed. He also testified about a comment Becky made to a group of firefighters outside of the hospital.

"She said, ‘I know you guys are ready for him to retire and now the old [expletive] is,'" Chill testified.

Defense attorney James argued his client is known to say comments for shock value.

Pamela Woodard is the state's 12th witness. She attended church and couple's outings with Becky and Keith Bryan but testified she's known Keith since middle school. She described a scenario where Becky revealed her plans to fake a pregnancy with her ex-lover Mark Holbrook. Woodard indicated Becky's love affairs put distance in their friendship until just a few weeks before the murder.

Woodard said when she received notice of the shooting; she immediately went to the hospital. Woodard described Becky as "non-emotional" and told the court about comments Becky made to friends while her husband was on life support.

"She said, ‘I [expletive] a 29-year-old client today and I have a picture of his [private part] on my phone. I hope they don't pull the sheet back on Keith, so they will just think it's him,'" Woodward testified.

Woodard says Becky also talked about contacting her ex-lover Mark Holbrook the same day her husband was shot.

Woodard testified, "Becky said, when Mark hears about this he is going to think I shot Keith."

Prosecutors also questioned Pamela Woodard about Becky's comments related to the investigation.

"Later in the morning, Becky was using her phone and she said the OSBI is going to try to pin this [expletive] on me," Woodard testified, but said Becky did not give a reason as to why she thought that.

The defense countered by asking Woodard about Becky's emotional reaction when they declared her husband dead.

"She went to his head, cried for a moment, bent down and said something," Woodward testified.

Jurors also heard testimony from Sharon Valdez, one of four people who accompanied Becky Bryan on the way to the hospital. Valdez explained Becky Bryan showed pictures of male private parts and talked about her love for Mark Holbrook during the car ride to the hospital.

"Becky turned and said ‘have you ever loved someone so much that you would do something like that?'" Valdez testified.

The defense argued back, "Becky said nothing to indicate ‘have you ever loved someone so much you would kill your husband?'" to which Valdez agreed.

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