Reporter Notes From Becky Bryan Trial, Day Six

Monday, May 13th 2013, 9:50 pm
By: News 9

News 9's Lisa Monahan was inside the courtroom Monday as the murder trial for Becky Bryan entered its sixth day. These are her notes and not a word-for-word representation of what was said.

Day 6


What did you do after learning of Keith Bryan's death?

I immediately drove to the fire house,

Did you go to the hospital with anyone? no

What time did you arrive ? prob 11:30p on Sept 20th

Upon your arrival what did you do ? Other firefighters were there, we all waited outside, and in waiting room saw Trent Bryan (Keith's Son).

Did you see other family? no

you went outside? yes, we (firefighters) waited outside to give roo

Did you have an encounter with KB wife? yes

Did you see her arrive? yes

How did she arrive? she came in a friends vehicle, she came up and gave us all a hug.

How many firefighters were you standing with when Keith Bryan's wife showed up?approx. 6

How long did she stay outside ? 3-5 minutes

Did you talk to her? yes

She seemed oddly calm when she first arrived

what do you mean by that ? she had no tear in her eye

Did she anything else? she was complaining about the police taking so long to let her go and they were testing her for fingerprints & gun shot residue. I said its protocol. She said ," I know I watch CSI.

Did she seem she was in a rush to get in hospital? not at that time

I escorted her inside to the private waiting room.

Did anyone else join you? her friends were walking behind

Did you have further conversation? yes, she asked about the two men that competed against me for the job. she said thats who did it.

she is asking you about the hiring process at Nichols Hills Fire Department? yes

you were hired four years prior? i was the last one hired

when we got to the waiting room she got up and hugged trent and then asked terry hamilton ? and said who are the two you interviewed agains Brant

She described the gun saying it looks just like the one stolen from her son's house just two hours prior to the incident.

Where did you go next? back outside

Did you have anther encounter with defendant? yes she retuned 30 mins later

she was doing stuff around the house while keith was watching a movie with the sound up very loud and she walked in the room and saw an intruder.

she said she screamed what are you doing and thats when he pulled the trigger. and then turned to her and said sorry ma'am should have given me the job and left through the garage.

how did she describe keith bryan then? she said his eyes immediately bulged out of his head and he started going into convulsions .

She followed him to get a description of the vehicle.

Did she say something about her husband's retirement? yes she said, "I know you guys are ready for him to retire and now the old fucker is "

She call her husband an old fucker ? yes

What happened next? asked for one of us (firefighters) stand guard - I volunteered

How long did you stand guard? from 2 a.m. until 7 a.m. so about 5 hours


how many people competed for the job? not sure

Was Keith Bryan in on that decision? yes

Did Ms. Bryan seem to realize she was unaware that was 4 years ago

How many times had you met Becky Bryan before that night? several times she came up to the station they would go to lunch

Did you see them have a normal relationship? yes

Did you ever see anything peculiar ? no

Did you ever see anything to indicate they had problems in their relationship? only with the divorce.

but you know they reconciled? yes

Did you know Trent Bryan before sept 20th. ? yes we were in the same academy together.

When you got to hospital trent was there with his wife correct? yes

When you saw kent dod you now who he was yes? i met him when he came to the station

you didn't see any emotion out of him? i don't recall

what about trent? i don't remember how he was- he was just there

do you remember him crying or acting emotional at all? i don't remember

other than keith's mother, did you notice other family members crying? some were crying

how were you acting? shocked

were all you firefighter in shock? yes we didn't believe it when we first got the call.

you said she talked to you "normal" what do you mean by that ? she didn't seem to be grieving.

you are not an expert on grief? correct

Every medical call you have been on do all family members act emotional? not all

And Becky broke down in tears at some point didn't she? yes when dr. did final brain check and declared him dead and thats when she became emotional.

and she held him didn't she? i don't recall

you said she didn't appear to be in rush you said "at that time" did you see a difference later? no

She asked everyone about the hiring process ? no, just me and terry hamilton.

did she talk to richard mask also? i'm not sure

she got emotional when she saw trent? it didn't seem to emotional

you can see ms. bryan may have also been in shock, correct? yes

Did you later learn that the burglary of kent's gun was actually 8 months prior (not 2 weeks previously stated) ?no

do you realize she thought that happened more recently than it did? yes

did you know keith had a hearing impairment? no but he did watch t.v. loud

did you see keith the day he worked on the 20th? no

you mentioned notes- did you take them that night? no the next day

you said she was doing stuff around the house and next thing she sees an intruder - you didn't write in your report that she was in another room correct ? correct

she said she witnessed it.

After they declared him brain dead- where did she go? she sat in the chair.

Did you stay with her the whole time? no she had a friend with her and I went and got her a cup of coffee

after they declared him dead - she immediately shifted and focused on donating his organs? i heard her say it one time

you said she "old fucker" - did you know her demeanor that she sometimes jokes & says shocking things. I don't know.

but keith bryan did that? yes

and he was fun loving? yes

STATE's 12th WITNESS - PAMELA WOODARD - Friends of Becky & Keith Bryan

do you know rebecca bryan? i do

how long have you known her? she came to the church i attend. approx. 25 years ago

What kind of relationship? we did several things as couples and then had a closer relationship

do you know her husband? yes, I knew keith better than i knew becky - since middle school and high school.

What did you guys do as couples?

we went to movies did traveling becky and i went shopping to lunch

how often did you travel? 5-6 trips

did you do stuff with just rebecca bryan or just couples? both

how often did you see her? at church

how close were you with the BB & KB during the time he was shot ? very close until a year and year half before the murder we were very close

She began doing different things and we grew apart - she was stepping out and it was unspoken we were growing apart.

When was the last time you saw her before shooting? 2 weeks prior we met for lunch at Cafe7

where were you? in bed

you were married at the time? yes

what time were you notified ? 1 to 1:30 am

what did you do ? we got ready and went to the hospital

i called Becky and said we are on our way.

prior to that was the lunch 2 weeks before ? yes

what time did you arrive at hospital? 2, maybe 230am

upon our arrival we entered the family area and we entered the hallway where i saw becky.

how much time did you spend with her? yes several hours

did you speak with her ? yes

other family members? yes

what time did you leave hospital estimation? - 8 am or 830 am

at the time you left had you been informed keith died? yes

how much of that time was spent with the defendant? its hard to put into hours - a significant amount of time.

when you spent time with her was there already someone else around? there was time with the two

you learned she had sex with someone that day? yes

When did you learn this? she asked me to go outside with her to have a cigarette.

Proctor, Gloria and I were outside, becky said , "i fucked a 29 year old client today and I have a picture of his penis on my phone. i hope they don't pull the sheet back on keith and they will just think its him"

She said when she got home she felt bad cause keith had made her a tea

Proctor said becky shut up

What do you remember about her behavior? i approached her expecting she would need comfort i approached her and she leaned into me for a moment.

she did not appear to be shaken or upset.

when she was telling the story about sex how was she behaving? somewhat subdue and somewhat matter of fact

did she express any concern for keith? no

did she ask about his welfare? once, she asked is keith still alive

did you know who mark holbrook was? yes

how did you know? becky had told me

who did you understand him to be? her lover she met at a real estate function

how did she speak about mark holbrook at the hospital? she said "when mark hears about this he is going to think I shot Keith"

when did she express that concern? do you remember about when that statement was made? i believe after she was outside smoking cigarettes (after conversation about having sex)

did she mention being a target of investigation? later in the morning, she was using her phone. and she said" the OSBI is going to try to pin this shit on me"

did she give a reason why? no

any other statements she made to you that still stick in your mind? none that i can think of

did she provide details about what happened to her husband? i said when dust settles I want to hear the story and then she said "i followed him out i was talking to him and then she paused and said i think he had a big nose"

I'm going back to Holbrook now -when did you first learn the defendant was having an affair with mark holbrook? he would come up in conversation frequently

did you know she filed for divorce? yes

did you know she moved out of the home? yes

she said they had a lot in common, they didn't have a good marriage that she was falling in love with him.

when ? it seemed quick to me but i cant give a time

did she ever discuss a future with mark holbrook? yes she told me she was going to leave his wife after his son graduated high school and they were going to get married. I encouraged her the grass would not be greener.

Did she describe a connection she had to mark holbrook? yes, when she would speak of him she would say he is her soul mate, they would get married and if i visited 10 years later the same intensity would be there.

When you learned of the affair did you still see Becky? very rarely, we saw keith more than becky during that last year and half

we went to their condo once - in the bedroom we were having girl talk and she said

"i'm a great faker once I've made my mind up about something i'm in it -

then she was talking about mark and said she was going to tell them she was pregnant

I said it seems like things have turned around so to speak, thats when she said I'm a great faker.

When she said when i've made my mind up what did she mean? i thought staying with keith.

what did she say about the pregnancy? she asked if i knew anyone who was pregnant so they could provide her with a positive pregnancy test - she wanted to send them to mark to prove to him that she was pregnant even though she s not and i said becky you‘re 50 for one thing.

Did she say anything else related to a pregnancy?

She said she had a name picked out for the lil girl she was going to tell Mark she had.

she mentioned having a birth announcement printed up

I want to fast forward to the lunch 2 weeks before shooting- was marks name brought up ? yes, she mentioned she was at another real estate event


The lunch at cafe 7 are you sure about it being 2 weeks prior? it could have been 3 weeks.

did she indicate seeing mark was actually 7 months before? it was not said that way.

you first met becky through the church? we went to the same high school for a year. i did not remember her from high school but she said she remembered me.

in high school you were closer with keith than becky? i was not close but we ran different crowds.

were you there when they married? no i was not

you became acquainted at church?yes

becky was active in church? yes

this is at bridge assembly? yes

they were still going to church? yes

Throughout your socialization over the years they seemed to have a good marriage? yes

was it then that mark holbrook becomes involved did that catch you off guard? yes

when she first confided in she also let you know that keith knew about it correct? not when she first made me aware of it

some point keith became aware of mark ? yes

at one point keith & mark spoke on the phone? yes

how did you learn a divorce was filed? becky told

what did you think? i thought she was making a big mistake

and thats because of your thoughts on keith? yes

when she told you about mark holbrook is that what started drifting apart between you? yes she started running with other people and we didn't have as much in common

but keith still came by and had a friendship? yes

he wanted to get her back? yes definitely

according to becky he had said he wished he hadn't taken her for granted

so he started to court her again? yes, he went above and beyond to try to win her back.

when she moved out did they amicable? he didn't want it but he was kind

becky never expressed to you she wanted keith bryan dead did she? no she asked several of us to find him a girlfriend.

do you know their boys? yes, just a wonderful family

she was a good mother? she loved her boys

when you saw the boys at the hospital? yes

kent had calm demeanor?yes

trent had calm demeanor?yes

neither of them were openly weeping ? at times

when they pronounced him dead?

one time i saw her cry for a moment she went to his head, cried for a moment , bent down and said something.

it was a tender moment? i noticed it was an exceptionally quick tender moment

did you know at some point becky & nina (sp?) went back to the room? yes

now you mentioned she talked about a 29 year old with a penis - she wasn't trying to hide anything? she was saying it that night.

its not uncharacteristic for her to make shocking statements? yes, thats true. she did push the envelope a little bit

and thats not something just to hat night? but she did it in your friendship? yes but not shocking statement about sex and things like that

keith would often say Becky come on don't say that ? yes

he would say joking things just a fun loving guy? yes

did you know about the reconciliation? the only thing said about making it work was when she said i'm a great faker.

when she said i'm a great faker she was talking about making it work? yes

do you find it uncommon people grow apart but stay together and make it work? no i don't find that uncommon

after they reconciled she talked about how great their marriage was? not to me.

you had said the night you found out about the shooting you said you believed becky would need comfort? yes.

you said she was subdued and matter of fact- is that a fair statement of what you saw? subdued - she just seemed non-emotional.

you knew its was an unsustainable wound ? yes

is it possible becky knew it was an unsustainable wound? its possible

there is only one time you talked about with becky about the shooting, correct? yes

she was talking to him and followed him out and said thought had a big nose? correct

becky wanted to give a description to the media? i don't know what she said wanted to say to the media but she wanted to go talk to the media.

she wanted to give a description of the shooter didn't she? she never said that

the conversation at the condo - you said you thought it was not uncommon for a spouse to have

Wasnt that at the same time to try to win him back

she didn't give you any reason to think she was sincere with making things work?

STATE'S 13th WITNESS - SHARON VALDEZ (Becky's hairdresser)

Friend of Becky & Keith Bryan.

Did you have an opportunity to see her? at the end

where did you see her? in front of the house

How was she acting? she wasn't quite upset but she wasn't really crying or anything

she said it was terrible and he was convulsing a terrible sight

then she went back to her son.

which son?kent

I went with her to the hospital - with debbie proctor, gloria and terry,

Terry was drive, gloria was in front, debbie, becky and i were in the backseat

where were you ? on passenger side

where was becky? in middle

do you remember going to Debbie Proctor's house? yes

Did she say anything on the way to the hospital? yes, she spoked about Mark Holbrook

how did she speak about him? she was reading from her hone that she texted him and that she still loves him.

she was saying she was going o come into an inheritance real soon.

so that was a text she had sent to holbrook? i believe so.

did she say if she had made effort to contact him? she had said that she called him

did she do anything else? she showed me a picture of a penis,

One? a couple. she said can you believe i slept with this the day keith was killed.

did she pose questions to anyone in the car about the shooting or her feelings for someone? i dont think so.

did she talk about doing something for someone she loved? would you ever do something? she showed pictures of the penis and then said

she turned and said "have you ever loved someone so much that you would do something like that? "

what did that mean? i dont know

what did you think? I didn't understand it.

we were telling her to shut up and stop talking.

did she? no

when she got to the hospital did you remain with her? yes

on the ride to the hospital and while at the hospital do your ever remember her expressing concern for her husband? no

did she ever express a theory of why her husband was shot? she said it someone who applied for a job. its one of four men and they should be talking to them

- how long did you stay? at least til 4am

- how much did you know about her relationship with mark holbrook? a bit

- did she talk about their plans?

they were going to get married

oh she lvoed him.

- did she compare it to any other love? yes, had not felt love and know what love was until she met mark.

- have you met him? yes they came to my business and i met him then. I actually talked to him and i saw him one other time.

when did you see him? when we went to hugo.

did you talk to him? no

- Did becky? yes

- What did you see? as soon as mark saw becky he got upset. he wanted her to leave. she said she still loved him.

- Was this after Keith and Becky reconciled and moved back in together? yes

are you aware of anything she did to try to get holbrook to stay in her life? on one occasion she declared she was pregnant.

- How did you learn about this? through Becky.

Mark & Keith didn't believe it, so she went and purchased a marker but then decided to do away with it

-during a phone conversation? when? I don't remember

- after sharon left hospital or before arrest -

- during the phone conversation? she said she placed a gun in the bathroom but i don't remember why.

- did she say when she placed the gun on the bathroom counter ? i cant remember


- when was this phone conversation? several days after the shooting

- she said she thought she left the gun in the background? put the gun in the bathroom

• how much memory do you have of this discussion? not much

• are you filling in gaps here? i just remember the Ruger in the bathroom

• so you're not sure if she said she put the gun in the bathroom? i cant remember i'm getting confused.

• its ok we need to know exactly what you remember? i could swear it was becky who told me she put the gun in the bathroom.

• was it common if she was going out of town to carry a gun? i don't know

• you became familiar with keith through becky? yes

• you were even involved in the wedding? yes

• there were parts where we did not talk

• when did the two of you begin talking again? she came in for haircut. we always picked up where we left off

• socialize with them both before shooting? yes

• everything normal in their marriage? yes

• did you know their separation was amicable? not sure about that. pretty sure becky wanted it more than he did.

• did becky tell you one of the reasons she stayed with keith was because she had so much invested in their marriage- life, children etc ? yes

• when is last time you were with becky before sept 20th? cant say for sure - we were there for dinner a few times.

• while at the scene you saw that police were preventing becky from leaving to go to the hospital? yes

• did becky appear upset about it ? yes

• was kent upset about it? yes

• was there a conversation about getting her some shoes on the way to the hospital?yes

• what do you remember Becky wearing when you got in the car that not? i couldnt say for sure maybe a black top

• you described her being "calm becky"? it was just normal becky

• so its not uncommon for becky to calm in a situation? she was just normal becky. if it were me I would have been broke down

• When you said she asked you if you have ever loved someone so much you would do something like that --nothing indicated "you love so much you would kill your husband"? correct

• when she was talking about having intercourse with someone that day- it was more like a wow this happened the same day Keith was shot? i wouldn't say wow.

• its almost like is reflecting on how ironic? correct

STATE's 14th WITNESS - Karl Ollterman - Realtor

How long have you known defendant? several years

what kind of relationship did you have? casual, new each other as realtors, and smoking buddies.

did it evolve into sexual relationship? no

when is last contact? a day or two before keith's murder

tell us about the beginning of your contact? i texted her to find out if she was coming to land class to see if i needed to save her a seat.

how did you contact her? by text

did you get a response? yes she said she was in tulsa at a different class.

did you discuss future plans with her? no

did you keep texting her? she texted me back

what did she say? you ought to come to tulsa and take me out to dinner and drinks

have you ever had a relationship of that sort? no

did it shock you? yes

the texts got extremely explicit on what she wanted us to do after we had a few dirinks

what did she say? she wanted to have sex with me


i remember one saying she wanted to ride that tall cowboy.

did she text you anything else? yes,sent one picture of her breasts and one of her vagina

*STATE shows pictures to witness "do those believe to be the pictures she sent you?" yes

Approx how many texts did you receive that day from the defendant ? 12

did you encourage her? yes, you could say i was flirting

what you did ? told her what we could do if i came up there.

did you send pictures to her? yes i did

what did you send? i sent a picture of my penis

did you make plans to meet? no

later in the evening i was going to state fair so i turned my hone off cause i didn't want to get anymore from her that night

did you have any the next day ? yes, telling me what i missed. she told me the guy who took her out got her drunk and took advantage of her

did you talk on phone or just messages? just messages

she said she was on the way home and she wanted to meet me.

did you try to make arrangements? no

were you married or single? i was dating a lady

prior to the texts had there been any flirting the day before? none whatsoever


how well did you know her in the 7 years you worked with her? very well

did she handle things well? very professional

while smoking did you guys ever get personal? i knew she was going hough a divorce

they weren't the day of keith bryan getting shot? correct it was the day before

With the text you got from her you say there was a mutual flirtatious deal going? yes

she sent you 12? yes

and how many did you send her? 8 or 10

STATE's 15th WITNESS -WESLEY HUBERT - client of becky bryan / guy who had sex with her day husband was shot:

where do you live? in norman (less than a year)

where did you live before? mcloud

how do you know bryan? my realtor

did she help you buy he house in mcloud? yes

any other transactions? yes helped me sell my house

did you have a relationship after that? yes but i wouldn't call it a relationship i would call it an encounter.

Tell me about the encounter?

she was in tulsa she stopped by my house and we discussed a real estate matter and one thing led to another and we had sex

what day was that ? i don't know the day, like i said. But I now know that was the day she shot her husband... i mean the day her husband was shot.

JUDGE ADDRESSES JURORS - disregard last statement made.

Did you make plans for this encounter? yes, plans made 2 days prior

What were the plans? she was going to stop in and see me on her way home

we were discussing my remodel at some point she went to the bathroom - when she came out she was wearing a fish net outfit.

Then we had sex.

Did she change into clothes? i don't remember what she was wearing

What happened next? she made calls that sounded like business. she stayed about an hour and a half.

anything stand out about the conversation?

well I live on acreage - she talked to me about how she hunts and we discussed guns and i told her how I always wanted an AR type cause Im ex -military and she said

how would you explain that if you were to just receive one


you said she made plans to come there anyway? yes, somewhat

so you were not shocked? correct

you had been flirting with her for sometimes prior correct? yes

and making advances? yes

how were you doing this by texts, email? text

she showed up around mid-day? as far as i recall

you actually sent her some photographs at least a week prior correct? yes

stuff you initiated?yes we spoke multiple times before she sold my mustang house

when did you first meet Becky?

i had another realtor and she was not performing so Becky seemed like she would do a better job

is that when the flirting began? not right away. i was going through a divorce and she said she was going through

so if you planned you were not shocked?

it was shocking to me mainly that it was going to happen

so you just didn't know that day? right

you interviewed with OSBI? yes

you didn't tell them you had intercourse ? no they indicated to me they already knew.

didn't you first say you just made out with her? yes i was embarrassed

the first time we hear that you had sex was in front of this jury? no , i told what is now my wife

when the discussion about the AR15- was she not saying if she gave you one what would you tell your then girlfriend? correct

was she emotional when you left? not that i could tell

did she say anything ill will about her husband? no

STATE'S 16th WITNESS -LINDA COOPER- mustang high school - (1319 w hilcrest drive)

how long have you lived there ? september of 98

where is your house in relation to the bryan house - straight south

does your property share a line with bryan's ? yes

which the back property line? yes


(enters as state's exhibit)

STATE ASKS questions to illustrate witness house backs up to the back of bryan house

Before sept 2011 - i didn't know becky but i had met bryan I mean keith

what were you doing in the evening hours ? sitting on back patio with my husband watching a baseball game.

was anyone else home with you at that time? no

on sept 20th you were on back patio watching game with your husband? yes

can you see the bryan's back patio ? yes

did you notice an activity on the bryan's back patio that evening I heard a voice?

a man or woman? a woman

can you tell from the voice what was going on ? i couldn't hear words just laughing

and you heard this before you went inside? correct

and what time ? around 830

and you made husband dinner? yes

what happened after that? i got a call from my friend around 920 and i went to back patio to talk with my friend

where was husband? in bed

how much time went by between getting the call and going to back patio? 10 to 15 mins

was there a reason you went out there? just did and it was nice outside.

so where were you on the patio when you began talking to your friend outside? in a chair facing west

how long did you talk ? i went in around 11 or 11:15

while on phone with friend went to barn to check on the lights?make sure they were off? yes

you said you got the call at 920? yes

how long inside before patio? 10 -15

how much time before going to barn ? right before 10

and what did you do after going to barn? sat on patio

what happened? a couple of cars with lights on came to their house

how long from getting back from barn and sat back down ? prob. 10 or 15 mins

did you see any vehicles come to or from the bryan residence

from the point you went on the patio until you left

were you at a point where you would have seen

could you hear a vehicle? if it had been accelerating i would have heard it

do you have a dog? yes, a lab

what does the dog do when vehicles go down the road? will bark at fence?

did that happen at all before you heard the emergency vehicles? no


have you reviewed any documents before testifying her today? when they were recapping what i said.

one thing i guess- do you remember as you're sitting here today or the recap? i remember it

i don't see in any reports that after you received the call that you waited 10-15 mins to go outside? i don't know that they asked me that

how sure are you of those times? i'm not sure it was a full 15 ins maybe more like 10 i know i was in the kitchen cleaning the dinner.

when cleaning kitchen can you also see the bryan house? no

on anytime before the emergency vehicle did you see a car? no

from where you were sitting you cant see the front of the room or driveway ? correct

you said you were out there at 7:15 ? i'm sure

do you remember an interview with danny sanders with OSBI? i don't remember his name but i remember the interview

do you remember telling him 8pm? i thought it was around 7:15

i know i got home late and my husband was already out there so i joined him.

osbi notes show you got the call at 915? yes

you said you knew she was outside? how do you know? i heard a female voice and i glanced and saw someone.

testimony shows a couple of other people were out there?

i never heard more voices and never saw anyone else

did you see keith out there? no

debbie proctor? no

had you seen him out there before? no

do you know he was bricking a wall out there? yes i've seen the construction

can you see rose hill at all from the barn area

how do you know police showed up ? saw emergency lights

did ambulance have flashing light? yes

so the first thing that catches your eye is the flashing lights from the police car? yes


he told me rebecca bryan was in the residence and she reported that an intruder came in the home.

where was lt davis when you arrived? he was out front

were there other responder vehicles? the ambulance was there

he told me becky bryan was on back side of residence

did you know of keith? yes he was a city council and a member of my church

did you know rebecca bryan?yes as a member of church and realtor

what kind of relationship? i would say hi at church or seeing her at Walmart

did you want to speak to her ? yes

why is that something you wanted to do ? yes

why? because i was told she was in the residence at the time of shooting

when you found her on back porch who was she with? jana hickman / debbie proctor

when i walked on back patio she said "Cami"

did you have anything on that would identify you as an officer? yes my badge

"I just asked her becky what happened?" at that time she answered

she said an intruder came in and shot keith

did she tell you where she had been earlier that day? she said she had been in tulsa

did she tell you if there had been visitors? she said debbie proctor had been at the house

she said debbie had not been at the house when the intruder shot keith

Did she say where keith was when he was shot? she said he was on the couch watching a movie, carrie

did she say where he was when she saw him? - she said he was in the tile onto the carpet area

25 year old wearing a hoodie, big nose, etc

any other description? said he was wearing a glove

did she say if he made any statement ? she said i'm sorry ma'am he should have f**** hired me and he then walked out the same way he came into the residence.

she said he calmly walked out of the residence and she followed him to the outside of the residence.

did she tell you how she called 911? yes on her cell phone

did she say how he left? yes in a small dark pickup

how long did it take for her to give you this account of what happened? very short, maybe five minutes

did you do anything else on the back patio? no

What was her demeanor?

she appeared to me to be calm didn't appear to be scared

did she express any concern about her husband? no

then what happened? i went to my car to retrieve a GSR kit.

why? i was going to use it on rebecca bryan's hands.

in the purpose of including or excluding her as a suspect - is what i was thinking at that time.

while you were speaking with the defendant did anyone else show up ? no

Did jana hickman or debbie proctor ever try to interrupt the story of what happened? no

tell the jury about the GSR kit? its used to collect samples from the hands for gun shot residue

what do you use to collect gun shot residue - you put the sticky material on to the hands then place back in to vial.

how long were you gone to the car to collect the kit? very short time

when you returned did you test? yes.

where? on back porch and i sat across table from her

what was defendant doing at that time you were performing gsr kit? she was on the phone, she was explaining what i was doing and kind of laughing. she made a comment about seeing this on CSI

did you explain to her before you left what you wanted to do after getting the GSR kit? i believe i did.

did she seem to understand what you were doing? she said she knew what i was doing she had seen it

did her demeanor change at all from beginning to after you said you wanted to collect potential evidence? no

then what happened? I returned GSR to my car and got a consent to search

why did you do that? to have bryan sign to allow law enforcement

did you allow her to go into the residence? no

did she ask to go? yes

did she say why? she wanted to go in to use the restroom.- i said she could not- she asked to retrieve her shoes - said she could not , she asked to retrieve her purse and i said she could not and then her cigarettes and i said she could not

just prior to the four of us going to front of residence? ms bryan told me she had picked up a small white dog and she had been thinking about the GSR kit and if she had any on her it was because she picked up the dog who had been on keith's lap when he was shot.

after i was done talking with her she went to a group of people she appeared to know.

at this point was she under arrest? no

while you were on patio did anyone come in or go out of that door on back patio?

did you make any arrangements to coordinate with the OSBI? yes i spoke with martine solarzono.(sp?)

at the hospital do you arrange to have a formal interview with the defendant? who was present myself, the defendant, and agent solorzano

before coming in here today were you able to review the recording of that interview? yes

STATE PLAYS AUDIO RECORDING of Formal Police Interview (conducted at hospital)** this is not in its entirety - but as much as possible with my typing skills**

A. how long were you married?

A. 33 years.

A. Sorry if i seem insensitive we just need to get some information.

A. thats ok.

A. you have two kids at home?

A. no two kids that live in mustang.

A. what happened?

A. I had just got home from Tulsa maybe 10 mins before this perpetrator

A. i called him at 802 on my way home and then i called emergency at 10:07pm

A. he called 20 mins before you got home?

A. yes you were home

A. yes

A. (when you got home?)

A. Keith had made me tea. my friend debbi came over. she sat out on patio with us for 45 mins. she had a first date tonight

and then she left 10 mins, maybe less, and our garage door opened and we were watching a loud movie and this young kid about 25 years old walks into the house and comes over to the carpet and my husband didn't have time to turn around and i looked

point blank right here.

A. where were you

A. I was sitting on a chair right in front of him when it happened.

A. his eyes started bulging and he started convulsing.

A. (talking about intruder) he was real nice - and he said Im sorry ma'am but he should have f**** hired me

Q. what was he wearing? a brown hoodie.

he was wearing jeans and t-shirt.. had a white face, a cute little face, but had a big nose and had a glove on his right hand and he was right handed and shot him.

Q. so did he go out the front door or garage door? garage door, the same way he came

i looked up and just saw him.

A. (what did you do)

A. you're not expecting someone to come in your door

A. the gun?

A. the gun was small - it was much smaller

my son lives a mile away and had a gun like it stolen -looked like a Ruger lcp

A. just one shot?

A. one shot, point blank

A. then he ran?

A. nope just walked out real casual

A. where was the vehicle?

A. he was on the approach - and he just backed out and then he just went down (inaudible)

Q. I called as soon as I could and gave him (police) as much information as possible

A.I'm not a detective and i couldn't identify the man. Cami asked me if i could identify the man.

now, my husband, if he lives he could probably identify them

my husband tried to hire - he interviewed 3 for a job. he interviewed three and some of these firefighters here could tell you who they are

A. when did he interview them?

A. 4 years ago.

A. she did powder burns on me -so he probably has some on him or blood spatter or some kind of DNA. so you can nail him.

Q. If we know who it is.

A. I've watched CSI- is it going to be hard?

Q. well its different.(than csi)

A. Okay, by about 8:30ish again you're long before your friend comes over?

A. probably 20 minutes.

A. how long did she stay

A. prob. 45 to an hour. then probably 10 minutes after she left he came through the door. He brought me ice tea. He was like the most amazing husband


A. the guy on 911 was really nice and he said stay on the phone with me.

A. did you touch your husband after it happened?

A. no, I couldn't. Is that weird? his eyes were bulging, and he was convulsing. I was freaking out screaming keith, keith.

A. So you were only wearing that shirt and panties ?

A. yes and when police got there i put on pants.

A. we are going to need your shirt and panties

A. you want my panties too? no, no not right now.

A. (phone rings) hey pam

A. anything else?

Q. when we were on the back porch someone said something about gloves.

A. the fire chief's wife said that there were some gloves out there.

Q. did anyone go look? no, i didn't. i just figured you guys looked

Q. any other things odd ?

A. he said he had yelled at his mom before and he called his mom to apologize but she wouldn't answer and that is really strange.

A. Oh wait. also my daughter in law a month and half ago. I was showing trent & them a house and kent went with us to show Trent what can be fixed up and

my daughter in law - she called me a bitch and she told trent -she is not going to sell you a house and i am coming out tomorrow to pick up the sign.

and i haven't seen my grandkids in a month since this saga.

A. we just have a normal life- we are workaholics, you know everyone liked him. he was on city council - no one does not like my husband -except my daughter in law

A. (inaudible- something about marriage)

A. oh yes, a year ago i filed for divorce and i moved out.

he was a prick at 31 years and then all of a sudden he started dating me and was like a totally different person when i came back. and we were really quie in love.

A. i didn't know he loved me until he filed for divorce.

A. anything else about his day?

A. can i see my phone and i can tell you a lot about his texting and what kind of day, what kind of guy he is and how we were doing.



you too sweetheart.

kiss her for me lol

looking forward to your homecoming.

praying for you too.

i cant wait any longer how did the test go?


A. and thats when he called me he wanted to see how my test went

A. who all is up here?

A. our sons, his mom and dad, our pastor, 10 million firefighters

Q.would you be willing to let us have your phone for a couple of days ? its my livelihood . i cannot.

if you call my customers... you are not going to tell them anything right? i cant have them knowing about this.


Q. Det. Mcneil - at conclusion of that interview did you collect the defendants clothing? A. yes, a strapless top and pair of black panties

Q. she told me the guns in the house

A. did she ever say "i have a 380 ruger lcp?"

A. no

Q. while walking to the interview what did she say to you?

A. she said that i had a cute lil ass and that all the police officers were after me - she had interlocked her arm with my arm and laid her head on my shoulder.



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