Thief Steals Batteries From Moore Food Pantry's Trucks

Tuesday, May 14th 2013, 6:14 pm
By: News 9

Members of a church in Moore are praying for the person who robbed them. They say someone tried to derail their mission of helping needy families through their weekly food pantry.

The Living Faith Church in Moore has operated a food pantry near N.W. 24th and Janeway for close to 20 years. They help hundreds of families with clothing, and food, and anything else they may need. And they get it all here by the use of two of their trucks.

But late Monday night, someone came by and ripped off two batteries.

"It was right here just like this and everything is just disconnected," said Jimmy Milligan, the church's senior pastor. "We're in the neighborhood that's a needy neighborhood, and of course we always have the chance of things like this happening."

Every Tuesday, Jimmy and a slew of volunteers from the church help fill grocery bags full of food and essentials for all the people they serve.

Jesse Moore and his mother considers this place a God send. They were heartbroken when they heard the news.

"Oh its terrible," said Jesse Moore. "It is a sad thing! When we heard about it in line outside that someone had stolen the batteries off the truck!"

We wouldn't have the food if they didn't have the transportation to go and get this to bring it here," said Jesse's mother Marcella Moore. She should know - she used to work here. "And for someone to do something like that its terrible."

But instead of being mad, they are sad, and want to encourage the person who did it to return the batteries, no questions asked.

If they need help, this would be the right place to come and ask for help," said Moore. " Not steal, not take, because these people help those that are in need!"

Many here have even donated their own money to help offset the cost. Hoping what little they have will help keep this food pantry going.

"I think there's like $18 here, so it is a start," the pastor said.

Despite what happened, the pastor says he does not plan on pressing any charges. In fact, he says he wants the person who took these batteries to come attend their church.

If you would like to help, go to, or call (405)-794-3161.