Woman Claims Delta Kicked Her Off Flight Over Crying Kids

Wednesday, May 15th 2013, 6:35 pm
By: Karl Torp

One mother of twin boys says she will never fly Delta Airlines again after being booted from the plane.

Passy Kepoali was flying to OKC from Montreal with her twin 3- year-old boys. She was in town to see her nephew graduate from the University of Oklahoma.

"When I get on the plane, my kids started to cry," says Kepoali.

The mother says the kids were acting up so much onboard that flight attendants kicked her and her children off before take-off.

"Like a criminal," is how Kepoali describes how flight attendants made her feel.

"They took her luggage without even telling her what was going on," said Passy's nephew, Jeff Sankeu.

Delta tells News 9, the Montreal flight was operated by Pinnacle airlines. The airline released the following statement to News 9:

"Pinnacle Airlines started to taxi but returned to the gate after a small child would not remain seated. The crew followed established guidelines and requested a gate return due to safety concerns."

The family flew to OKC the next day. Kepoali says flying home has been a huge hassle as well. On Tuesday, she was told she was late for two Delta flights home. Her luggage made it onboard, but she and her kids did not.

"They have no clothes. I have to wash everything today so they have something to wear," says Kepoali about her twins.

Kepoali says she will file a formal complaint against Delta and will also look at legal action because of the way she claims she was treated.

Delta says it's sorry about the inconvenience and encourages Kepoali to contact them directly so the airline can "appropriately respond."