Reporter Notes From Becky Bryan Trial, Day 8

Wednesday, May 15th 2013, 7:11 pm
By: News 9

Testimony Resumes From Day 7:


Blowback - Blood that comes back in your direction (if you were the shooter).

Q: You looked for blowback on floor by couch-what other areas?

A: We would have looked, and did look at arm of couch. East arm. Anything midway back to the east on the couch to see evidence that we thought would be blowback.

Q: Did you find blowback?

A: no- none that I observed

Q: Why?


1. Energy from round, smaller caliber gun.

2. distance from when he was shot

3. hair

Q: What were your observations about skid mark-beyond just believing they were acceleration skid mark.

A: The vegetation had recovered on grass. Didn't appear to be recent (skid marks.) where tread would have left mark in dirt, dirt wasn't freshly disturbed.


Q: Any evidence that shooting occurred within feet of utility room?

A: No, we knew from blood evidence where he had been shot.

Someone had placed those items in dryer.

Q: Fair to say, whoever had placed those items in dryer had already contaminated them?

A: Yes.

Q: You heard a noise you associated with falling of a spent brass casing (tink)?

A: Yes, familiar with as brass.

Q: How soon did you walk to utility room?

A: Seconds.

Q: Are you certain that what you saw was a spent brass casing?

A: Yes sir.

Q: Where that casing fell was not photographed?

A: Correct.

Q: What significance would it have been to show where that casing was on floor?

A: None.

Q: Was casing collected?

A: Yes.

Q: Only thing we don't have is where it landed?

A: Yes. It had already been disturbed.


Q: Looking for blowback on arm. Where else did you look?

A: Anything in area. Floor, table there. Midpoint of couch- anything back to east.

Q: Only looked by eye? No lights?

A: Correct - that is only done to look for something that's been bleached.

STATE'S 21st WITNESS - JEFF KELLEY - NEIGHBOR/ Mustang High School History Teacher

I GOT HOME AT 9-9:15

What time did you go to bed? 9:45

Were you awaken by a police an officer? Yes, around midnight.

Did he relay to you what happened? Yes, a shooting across the street.

Had the tire mark been there previously? Yes, it had been there a couple of days.

Do you recognize this exhibit? Yes, it's the tire mark.


When you got home on that evening - did you see any cars?

A truck that is always there- a small S-10- that was Keith's and I remember cars were in the garage.

How did you know cars were in the garage? There was a light on in the garage.

The door was open and the light was on? Yes.

Did you see the ambulance or police cars? No, I was in the back bedroom and watching an episode on WWII.

You talk about this distinct tire mark- are you positive that's the one? Yes.

Do you see another tire mark? Yes.

So, you see two acceleration marks that cross? Correct.

And you noticed one of them out there that night? Correct.

But the photograph shows two that cross? Correct.


Upon your arrival at the scene what type of action did you initially take? I came in contact with the police chief and that the Nichols Hills Fire Chief had been shot and that his wife had called 911 about an intruder.

Were you given any info that told you how you would go about investigating? He told us about the intruder and 911 calls being made.

Were you told where the shooting took place? Yes, the couch.

Was your focus solely on where it took place? We went through the entire house.

The agent was told the whole time he was in the house - and she followed him until he exited through the back door by the garage.

When you and Agent Jolly (sp?) arrived on scene was there some plan or coordination on what you would do? She was to take photographs of entire scene and I was to go behind her and take notes - just overall notes of what we see at the scene when we arrive.

Explain where you began? After Jolly took pics we began.

EXHIBIT 48 - Thompson describes vehicles in driveway and an out building on Bryan property

EXHIBIT 49 - hummer inside the garage.

EXHIBIT 51- informal dining - breakfast bar in kitchen - taken from proximity of where someone would be if they had walked in through the garage

EXHIBIT 52- kitchen this shows what you would see if you walk into house from garage

EXHIBIT 53- front entrance

EXHIBIT 54 - this is taken from hallway - a picture of the living room

EXHIBIT 55 - you can see the couch where Keith Bryan was laying, the kitchen

EXHIBIT 56- entryway of residence - looking toward living room & kitchen

EXHIBIt 57- photo of Keith Bryan's closet in master bedroom

EXHIBIt 58 - cabinet inside Keith Bryan's closet

After Janice Jolly took photos and took notes then we concentrated on the living room.

Did anyone go around with you two? No.

Why did you photograph all around the house if the shooting occurred in the living room and told the intruder then left the couch? We always photos to depict everything.

How long did it take? Probably about an hour.

While you were there did other agents or Mustang officers that arrived to assist? Yes, Shawn Wright.

After everything documented the search began? Yes.

What was your role in the search? Collector of some of the evidence.

What about the search itself? Yes.

Was that search coordinated by anyone? Were you given a task by anyone? As far as I am concerned I focused on one area then moved on to another.

what area? the living room

what did you focus on? the couch, a bullet defect, the blood

did you find an area where that shooting occurred? yes the couch

we took photos of blood pool on couch and looked for blood stains as well - does that include blood spatter ? yes

• the caliber of weapon or the hair could prevent some blood spatter

why might you not find blood spatter? because its so fine - depending on the hair it could cause blood spatter not to travel as far or the caliber - it may not cause as much blood spatter

why the caliber? it may not be a large caliber to create a big exit

you have special training in blood spatter? yes

you learn the differences in seeing the different blood spatter ( in training) then you do experiments to see different forces to see what blood spatter will be in different situations

is blood spatter common thing you look for when someone is shot? yes

during the 80 hours you've testified going through training - have you learned what causes blood spatter? yes

and have you learned in circumstances where it might go? yes

have you learned that hair can cause blood spatter and keep it from going

and the caliber may effect how much blood spatter

have you also learned what area of the body provides what amount of blood spatter? yes - in this instance with bullet going thru skull it would cause different types of blood spatter?

looking at how much hair - it would hold back some blood spatter

during your examination of the couch and area around in it - did you find any back spatter? no not in that instance

what else did you find? a projectile

who found it ? agent Shawn wright

what did you do with the projectile?

we put it in envelope sealed it up and sent it to lab

we split up people and said to start searching residence?

at that time Janice jolly and I ran to the convenience store to use the restroom

I remember the gun on the west wall of the utility room and a blanket bunched up next to the gun and then a shell casing traveled a little ways toward the west wall.

do you recognize - yes handgun

what significance of gun? it was chamber loaded

did you check magazine to see if loaded ? yes I believe it was four

did you change gloves? no because the items were wrapped together and would have already had gsr

what did you find in the master bedroom? before we located the gun we found a box and box for an LCP Ruger

did you discover the box? no agent wright did

how did you become aware ? they came and told us it had been found between the mattress and box spring

anything else near that box? yes several ammunition boxes

anything else you remember? the box matched the handgun and the ammunition because the box was blazer 380 ammo that matched the shell casing we recovered.

I remember there was also ammunition that didn't match

agent jolly photographed them and I collected them

how did you package them? I but them in envelopes

sealed? yes

agent Shawn wright requested we collect an undergarment shirt from the floor

why did you collect that top - it was black undergarment lacy top

officers said when she answered the door she was wearing a top similar so we collected it off the floor.

what other things did you want to do at the house? from the get go I wanted to print the backdoor. the door leading from garage to house

why did you want to try to find fingerprints? in the beginning the only info we had was an intruder and even if she was not telling us the truth I was thinking I have to print that backdoor and that's why I printed the backdoor.

after collecting the gun and things - I went back and finger printed the back door.

there were prints that are smudged or smeared - so we could not collect

you can collect fingerprints from lots of things

how long would fingerprints remain ? it could be there for a long time you just cant tell how long its been there

would you expect just because someone touched an item that you would get a fingerprint- correct

I used powder and I dusted the door.

why use powder? its easier to see and lift finger print

you use a finger print brush and it brings em out if they are of quality or not

where did you try to collect prints? - what are interior and exterior of garage door

I did find prints but none of value - that means they were either smudged

this is the door the defendant kept saying over and over that the intruder went through and that she followed him out of

are those the only areas? yes

it has been brought out there has been no effort from anyone to fingerprint the dryer where the gun was found? at the time we found the items in the dryer we knew she had been lying to us and not telling the truth.

we did not see it necessary to print - if we print we would expect to find her prints, Keith Bryan's prints there because its her home,

we did not feel we needed to print the dryer because at that point she lied

"we knew she had told a lie from her original story"

any other efforts to collect evidence? there was evidence from the bathroom and Keith Bryan's closet

did you collect? a pistol

during you search did you find anything in


a live round also found ? yes in the corner of the hallway to the living room

where pantry & hallway meet a live round was found

we didn't really have to do a lot of finger printing

we thought blood spatter cleaned up

did you bring the projectile - yes -this is the package its been in since sealed.

what do you have - blanket, a glove, a blazer 380 spent casing, and ruger 380

do you also have the gun? yes. it was sealed and packaged by myself

STATE ENTERS SEVERAL EXHIBITS (evidence collected in the Bryan home including blanket, gun, shell casing, glove, etc)

what happened to the items? some were secured, some were submitted to lab

Mustang PD gave items to you? yes, two envelopes of Becky Bryan's shirt & panties

did you search the vehicles on premises? jolly searched the hummer and I believe the Nichols hills fire truck was locked and the truck was locked


2007- began with OSBI

I was in college before that.

1 week of block training on homicide ( blood spatter was included in that )

might have been a 2 week

40 hours of training in blood spatter would be combined with homicide.

I also took a 40 hour course in blood spatter

I do believe the homicide school was 2 weeks

you are not a crime scene agent now? I am now. I stepped into a crime scene agent slot since preliminary hearing

what level were you at time of murder? agent 3

and then you went into general assignment ? yes in Nov 2011

we are in charge of the scene but if they want something done we do it for them

who made that call on fingerprint ? I made decision to finger print back door as far as not fingerprinting back door that was done as a collective effort on all of our parts

when was that decision made? after all the items were collected in the utility room

who made the collective decision ? you said it was joint decision- who made it? Jim not sure

well was it your decision alone? no, but it was part my decision

you will agree when you made the decision you thought Becky Bryan was the suspect? we felt like she had given a story and never deviated and then yes she would have been a suspect.

its possible you would have found a 3rd, or 4th, or 5th fingerprints if you would have tested the dryer? yes

so you would agree you didn't because if you do find fingerprints it would change the outcome of this case? I don't agree with you on that

why not? when we go its our job to find evidence

we went on the defendants statement alone and she never deviated from her story that he had gone into any other part of the home

based on her statement there was no reason to believe the intruder went into any other part of the home.

why at a scene are you taking fingerprints if you don't know what they are going to do with them? I don't analyze the prints I take them and give them to the lab

you said you already thought it was Becky but you still printed the backdoor? yes,

I did because it had been in my head the whole time

when you put fingerprint powder its black? yes

why do you use that color? our agents prefer we use black powder cause its easier to analyze.

the only other powder is magnetic.

do you carry it ? yes

you used black powder on a black door knob? yes we only use the black as a convenience for our analyst but you can still see it on any other surface

how do you see black powder on black door know? yes, with a flashlight

did you see any fingerprints? yes but none of value because there were no ridges etc

other agencies use white powder for dark services? we are only allowed to use black powder because it helps them analyze easier

you said when you got there you were briefed by mustang police chief? yes

I had been briefed on the call

you said you got info from first responders

I know you talked about she was wearing a top? a frilly black top

information from the first officer who responded to the residence

emsa said the intruder used the patio door- have you heard that before today ? no

further sgt collins was present when those statements were made - were those ever relayed to you? no all i was told the back garage door

if it had been given to you would it have changed your investigation? yes if i had that in mud i might have printed the door

if you got info a day later ? probably not

why not? because other people had access to the home once we released it

but you still could have done a process of elimination even if you went back a week later? you could get prints but you can not determine if it happened before or after

whats the first thing you did - we waited on consent to search - then jolly takes photos

what do you do that she gave consent to search? an agent told us

when did you first receive the consent to search ? i have no idea i was just told you have consent to search

what is first done? we work from outside in - so she began taking photos of outside and then she continue indoors and at the time i worked

i was told there was tire marks- i went and looked and i told her to photograph it really well

are you with agent jolly as she takes pics? no i take notes overall notes of what the scene looks like

im going to run through some pics wth you real quick

defense exhibits regarding cement, mixers etc

what did you find about the windows? the windows that were lifted had screens.

how many windows were lifted? i dont know

but you agree several were open? yes

no one closed the windows to muffle sound? there were open windows, yes

in pictures the windows were open? in this one yes

at some point you knew jolly was taking pics of hummer - they are her overall photos but i dont know i was not with her

there was purse in this picture? do you know the condition of the purse in those pics

would you agree a 380 is big enough caliber to cause blow back? i dont know i'm not a gun expert

well if the medical examiner testified its enough to cause blow back would you agree ? thats something they will have to testify

well i thought thats what you were testifying to earlier -about blood spatter, blow back and how the hair would stop some of that.

if it was a close gun shot the perpetrator could get blow back? yes

after the shooting - ms bryan laid on the bed that you ultimatley lay the blanket- does that concern you about contamination? there is a possibility of contamination

there is no procedure to see if gun shot residue is on the couch? with an area this big it would be hard to know

do you think its a possibility you got gun shot residue on you ? yes its a possibility in moving around scene

did you now sgt. collins had ms bryan come back in and sit in that chair in the crimes scene? no i was not aware

is it possible she could have got gsr on her during that time? its possible

you looked in the washer & dryer? yes

you didn't see the gun? no, i saw the blanket

i thought in your previous testimony i thought you said you saw clothes in the dryer? no i said i thought i saw blanket

and was the dryer closed? i believe it was closed

so you just looked in? yes it has a window

do you change your gloves when you pick up items of evidentiary value

how did you first learn solorzano found this in the dryer? agent wright told us and they showed us what they found

and he found that while crime scene agents left to go to bathroom

and how long were you gone? 10-15 mins

and does that surprise you that boom something is found while you were gone? what dod you mean-?

that you have been searching for 4 hours and all of a sudden its fond?

we had not done a complete search of the house

are you familiar with GSR kit? yes

inside the kit there are stubbing for diff. parts of body? correct

i didnt know that she didnt take the stubbings of her face

you would agree if there would be a subbing of the face either way it could be of impt evidentiary value ?yes


thats a live round located between pantry and master bedroom

do you know the caliber? no

you went upstairs?

do you know if anyone took pics of the stairwell before agent jolly went up the stairs to take pics? i dont know

you said there was nothing of evidentiary value up there? correct

there was a box of 22 shells found up there ?correct

there was a 22 round found in the house? yes

did you match it to a weapon in the house? im not there were a lot of guns

there were 4 rounds in the magazine correct

1 in chamber ?yes

1 hit mr bryan ?yes

there was a box with only 45 missing ? yes but there is another box of blazer brass bullets

it was marked independence ? yes

do you know the relation of independence to blazer brass? yes

did you find prints on knob of garage door? no

but you agree a lot of people went in and out before you printed? yes

so why are there no prints? there were none good enough to analyze there were smear and smudges all over the door knob

the kit from was it at scene? yes

she came in and helped search the house? yes

what did she do? i dont know specifically what she was searching

you fingerprinted the door even though at that time - even though you thought the defendant lied? it was one of those things that i had on my to do list

you agree once you found gun that you took the statement that becky was a liar? she gave the same story all the time- and did not deviate - it seemed her story was not truthful

jw jones came and talked to you? yes..martin & wright were busy with other things so i said i would go talk to him.

how were you chosen? i volunteered to go talk to him

did you record mr jones? no

why ? we dont record everyone we talk to

a lot of witnesses have been recorded so whats osbi's policy on recording witnesses? whenever you think you need to i didnt think i needed to . i just took down his information

did you ever follow up with what he told ? i told solorzano & wright then i went back to my regular duties.

what did jones tell you? he told me he was on 152 and saw a small pick up truck and they both drove side by side all the way to silver stallion

he told you it almost hit a sedan? he said the truck almost her

he saw a silhouette? yes

he told you he was medium build, light skin, and that he was adjusting his hat

it was at 1005 that night of the shooting? when he was at intersection, yes

he said they drove side by side to the silver stallion

he knew the exact time

i believe he said he was on his phone

why not check cameras at czech hall & 152? i gave the information to solorzano

well both of them have testified they did not have the info? well i gave it to them

both of those agents have said that they did not have that information ? whether they were busy on other things i dont know what occurred but i told them

when did you write a report about this? beginning of april, when i found my report

on april 2013? and you write that 3 weeks prior to the trial ? yes

and did you write that cause of motion i filed trying to get documentation? no, because i found it in my documents

if one would look at your report its in military time - yes

well it says 1005 hours- so if someone looks at that report it looks like 10 am so they can think that guy didn't get it right didn't know what he was talking about.

that was a mistake on part writing that in the report


did you make note of all the windows open? correct

you dont know when the windows were opened? correct

you said that report was generated on april 2 - can you explain why it took so long? i was doing several duties - i was assisting other

i ripped it out and typed it into a new notebook

when i pulled it out i noticed - so i typed it up and later told shawn wright

so who discovered you made the notes you with JW jones? i did

i found it and was an unintentional oversight - as soon as i saw it typed it up and turned in


mistake or not you told the two senior agents about it? i mentioned it yes

and no one did any investigatoon

18 months after the fact correct? correct

and no one went out to czech hall and go back to see that

there is this car taht fits exactly with what this woman said

you didnt do it did you? no one did?

released a 328 pm

STATE'S 23rd WITNESS - KENT BRYAN - Becky & Keith Bryan's son

is rebecca bryan your mom? yes

you used to own a ruger lcp?

it was given to me by my grandpa in 2010 sometime

was this a gift? yes

where were you living? at my house in mustang

during what time did you live there? 2006 but i was doing repairs - moved in 2007 or 2008 - i cant remember

i had moved into house and didnt have anything for self defense and i called my dad and he said to check with my grandpa he may have something.

what did he give you ? it was a ruger lcp 380

what else was given? a box, a case, and a envelope with a casing

what did you do with storage box that was given to you by your grandfather?

what room of the house did you keep the box?- office

when was it stolen? april of 2011

where was it being kept at that time? my room

how did you know there was a casing in the envelope? i looked

did you ever put another casing? no

anything else stolen ? a $100 bill and a phone

where was the phone located? i think on top of the dresser may have been in a drawer

so all items were kept in your bedroom? yes

was the case that your gun was in was it also stolen? ye si believe so

was the box of material given by your grandfather? yes

do you know how entry was made into house? yes back door

how? window pane broken out

were you living with anyone else?yes my cousin

did you know anyone else in your family known to carry a gn similar? yes my mother

what kind? the same

ruger lcp? yes

where did he purchase? i think h&h gun range

your memory today is sometime before you received gun that was the kind of gun your mom used? yes i believe

was your father known to carry a gun? yes , a glock pistol

have you ever seen the glock? yes

and how close in time to when your father was killed had you seen that glock? a month or so

explain circumstances? i think he brought it by my house

had he ever told you if he like it or not? yes he said for conceal carry he thought it was too large - he said he wanted to get something smaller.

do you know if he ever got rid of that gun? no

do you know where that gun is ? no

did you report to police ? yes

someone found fingerprints, correct> yes

did they take em that night ? yes

you had a suspect in mind that first night? not the first night no

you had a suspect though ? yes

who ? a kid living across the street

dakota burn? yes

what made you suspect? i heard from a neighbor that he had gotten into a car - she told a parent and they ended up finding those items and made him return the items

did you know they fingerprinted him? yes

did you know they matched it to prints at your house? yes

was it your information he was involved in other burglaries in the area? yes

how far is your house from parents? a mile if that not very far

you also at one point suspected someone who roomed with you that you kicked out?yes

when did he get kicked out? yes

when? a month before

because of criminal activity? yes

he had pending charges? i don't know

it was someone you didn't want to associate with anymore? correct

did anyone ever return that gun to you ? no

was it your understanding those guns were bough at the same time? i believe

i take it you never looked to see if the gun you had matched the box you had? not at all

you said a gun , $100 bill and phone was stolen - did you have other things of value in the home? yes

electronics - tvs ? yes

once you learned of his prints matching did anyone from state or DA call you about case? i believe someone did regarding restitution or something about receipts.

mr hess asked about a glock? yes

was it .40 caliber ? i don't know

you and your brother did the financial things to close out the house? yes

and i think you thought it was odd you couldn't find the gun anywhere in the house? i looked for it

you're driving his car? its my grandfathers

but your dad would drive it ? yes

and you didn't find the gun in there? correct

once you noticed the gun missing from the home you tried to report it ?yes

how many times did you try to report ? i called, i went up there one or two times i cant recall im a little foggy on that

detective told you that you could not file a stolen gun ? yes

do you think you did it more once? i think i did but i cannot remember

i know this is tough for you to be here so i apologize

you got a call on sept 20 concerning this shooting?yes

who called you? my mother

you went there? yes

how quick did you get there? pretty quick

in minutes? yes

when you get there where did you go? i went to living room

was your mother there? no she was on the back porch

what did you see when you first saw your mother ? she was sitting down and had her dog on her lap or beside her

how did she look? she didnt look too good

did you notice anything particular? i could just tell she was distraught

was she shaken ?maybe, i remember grabbing her hand and holding her hand

how were you acting? as good as i could trying to keep it together i guess you could say

you couldn't predict how you would react prior to it happening could you ? no

i think you told me you were amazed at how you reacted ? yes thats correct

and you were able to stay strong? yes as strong as a person could i guess

some people said you were not overly weeping ? correct

what kept you strong? i dont know, you dont know how you are goinG to react to something like that

with all the exposure i feel like there was a lot of prayers and i feel like

god gave me strength

your mom said shocking things maybe not this night but saying thing? yes as i got older

you said she said things to challenge you?yes a shock factor to see how someone would react to something she said

why would she do that ? maybe humor or to see someone squirm

have you ever described that she was in control when doing those things? i guess

have you ever said that? i don't know if said that or not i don't remember

you talked to your father that evening? yes

when did you talk to him around? 7

he didn't first answer? right

did he tell you why he hadn't answered? said his hands were dirty he was washing his hands

your dad was handy guy ? yes

he would tackle anything- even though not ? yes

did you find it uncommon for him to be out working on the wall? no

he was a perfectionist wasn't he ? absolutely

if it wasn't straight he would tear it down and do it again?he might

how long did you talk to him? maybe 30 mins , it was a long call.

i know this is hard for you thank you.


(notes provided by a CBS 48 hours producer)

James Vogel:

Special agent with OSBI computer crimes unit since march 2003

First 6 years in IT.

2009 computer crimes unit

cell phone forensic work.

Information on device itself with cell. Computers it can be anything attached to power cord.

Q: what else do you do

A: every now and then I work for crimes against children

Q: do you testify in court

A: I do.

Q: how do you examine telephone

A: make sure, that someone can't wipe.

Device that is black box size of shoe box. Type in what kind of phone you have and it dumps info to hard drive.

If it has a memory card. You remove memory card as if it was a computer hard drive. Make forensic copy. Extract data

Q: device called cellbright

A: it does all the work for you. It tells you what cable to extract date. Dumps to hard drive.

Q: what type of data does it extract

A: typically contacts. Text messages. mms messages. Calendar. Call log. Videos. Pictures

Q; how do phones store data

A: small computers. They store on internal memory. Newer phones store on internet and retrieve as you need it.

Q: explain what is put on hardrive

A: hard drive is just receiving data

Q; cellbright is not used to examine memory card

A: some cases. It doesn't get you deleted items. For that you have to get forensic suite. Software.

Q: by using that software—what can go gather information.

A: will recover deleted pictures that haven't been over written

Memory card on smart card you are able to store a lot more data. Stores pictures and videos so it doesn't take up memory on actual phone.

Q: would phone call record be on there

A: most time. You will get calls placed. Calls received that were answered and not answered

And text. In or out. Time date stamp and content. And if contact is in your message it will translate phone number to contact name.

Q; what type is stored on phone. What type on memory card

A: with newer phones – a lot is stored on memory cards.

Sim cards.

Q; this specific case. Were you requested to examine telephone that was gathered.

When did he bring you (agent wright) this telephone

A: October 2011

Q: did you do forensic exam of that phone

A: I did

2 stages. Cellbright. Generated text messages. Call logs. Contacts.

Second part was removing memory card and doing forensic exam of telephone.

Q: describe exam

A: cellbright devise – closest match and model. It told me what cable to attach. Extracted all contacts. Left in HTML format so could be viewed in web browser.

Q: ends up in a report

A: yes. Also generates if it can't extract certain kind of data

Q; did it have trouble

A: couldn't do pictures or video or mms (multi media)

Could do contacts, texts (also called sms – plain text – no picture.)

Q: if I were to send a picture with message.

That wasn't something you could extract.

A: not as a completed message. Could recover part

Q; how was exam of memory card

A: same as computer hard drive.

Make a forensic image to my computer. Bit for bit copy of memory card.

Q: were you able to do that in this case

A: yes I was.

Q: did you examine data. What type of report

A: that particular tool or software generates HTML web based. Just pictures on memory card. Only thing I reported out were pictures

3200 pictures on that memory card.

Q: number assigned

A: 405 409 0932

Q; contact list.

A: it did

Q: was there a name assigned to that number

A: becky bryan.

Exhibit 72 -

Data from memory card and cellbright

Exhibit 73

Contacts, text messages and call logs.

Q: disc has photos from memory card.

A; yes.

Q; opening files on 72. Please explain what is on disc.

A: that is report I generated. 2 gig sd memory card.

Second one is report generated by cellbright devise

Q: what will it reveal when I double click

A: all reports generated.

You are seeing pages that make up web browser report. Each depicts photograph – that was on phone.

Also—the files generated from the phone in data. Text messages.

Q: is that what is reflected in states exhibit 73.

A: yes. Portions of everything that was reported out.

Q: back to photographs.

States exhibits 14 and 15. Were those photos that were on memory card on phone.


A: picture of mrs bryan topless

Next one is a retracted picture of a vagina.

Q: next picture. Generally describe

A: baby on blanket. Blanket is on couch.

Q: looking at this report. What are we looking at

A: data report

Basic data about phone itself including phone number. Extraction date and time. Some info about devise used to extract.

Q: scrolling down. What is this page

A: heading for entry for becky bryan. And phone number.

Q; next page of report. Heading is text messages. Explain data.

A: spread sheet view of context of phone.

Explains how the spread sheet works. Name, number, number of text message.

ƒÞ next column is incoming calls. Name.

ƒÞ next is incoming. Type of calls. Number received. If assigned to contact. Date and time

Exhibit 44 – opens envelope.

Htc brand cell phone and batteries that I examined.

And memory card.


Q: there is a system at OSBI that brings in finger prints that can be compared against any in system.

A: I am not sure. I think there are some regulations.

Q: you can build a document that just shows conversations between this person

A: yes.

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